Genuine Health eCommerce Stores – How to Spot them?

These days, making an eCommerce website has become so easy that anyone is able to open his own eCommerce store within minutes. And this has also led to appearance of many false or scam eCommerce stores too.

But not all websites are same. While for other genres, you can still take chances. But when it comes to health, you cannot compromise on real and false websites. You might need to buy products like protein supplements, medicines, hcg drops, or any other health product. False websites might not give you the genuine products.

So how would you identify the genuine health eCommerce stores online?

Contact Details

Those who are scam, will never reveal their actual contact details, or rather any contact details on the fear of getting caught. So if a health website is having proper contact details, then it is one of the identities of it being genuine. Although this is not all, but it is one step forward to identifying which is genuine and which is false.

If the website has only a contact form, without any email address or location, then it is definitely not a legitimate website. You can cross that out from your list.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Though not all websites will have this feature. But those which will show their customer feedback or any kind of reviews from the users will definitely be a genuine website. Also keep in mind that nothing has 100% positive reviews. So if you find a website where a lot of reviews are submitted, but has all reviews 100% good, then that website is a scam.

One another way to check for this is to search on the web about the website and attach the words “scam” and “fake” with the search. You will find if people have submitted reviews on the web about the website being a fake one.

Lookup Whois

Whois is a website where one can check about the origin of website and other details. Here, you can check the registration details of the said health website, which you wan to find out if it is genuine or fake. Just submit the website address, and check for contact details. If the details mentioned there, matches the one given on the website, then it is genuine.

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