Adwords vs SEO – For Local Businesses

When you are going for search engine marketing, then both Adwords and SEO are the main components of that. Both of these are highly valuable for digital marketing of any kind of business. So, if you have ample budget and time to spare, then go for both.

But if you really have to choose one of these, then here I am going to explain both of the options to you. See what suits you best and with what you wish to move ahead.


When we talk about local business, then local SEO is the one which would be highly beneficial. With the help of local SEO, you rank for keywords that depend on local search only. For example, if someone is looking for packers and movers in Arizona, they would prefer searching keywords like movers mesa AZ, or movers near me, or any other relevant keyword.

If the SEO of your site is done well, then you would rank for these search terms and people would recognize you and your service. In addition, local SEO takes care of your numerous business listings, including “Google My Business”. These listings should be perfectly synced with each other, which means the data and information related to your business should not vary from one listing to another.

This way, your local business would start reaching out to the wider audience for most of the local keywords.

Google Adwords

Rather than a service like SEO, this is an advertising platform. You might have seen various advertisements [Ad] coming up in the top whenever you search for some keywords on Google. This is possible through Google Adwords. While SEO gives you genuine ranking in search results, Adwords make you appear on the top always. Though for this, you have to run campaigns and pay to the Google.

For instance, if someone searches for movers scottsdale, your website would appear if you have run a campaign for this particular keyword.

Talking about the cost, you pay to the Google when someone clicks your link in the search result. This is called CPC model, or cost per click model. Alternatively, you may also choose to pay when someone just sees your ad. This is the CPM model (Cost per thousand impressions).

Now you may decide which out of the Adwords and SEO you want to proceed with. But generally, both are essential for your business if you are situated locally.

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