Why you should Regularly use an SEO Audit tool?

Many people who operate their own websites, have a fairly good idea about how the SEO of their website is doing. (Or is it just their illusion?)

They know where some of their keywords are ranking, and where they are lacking. But these rankings which you believe you know, are not the true indicators. These are the actual rankings. And that is because you probably do not search for the keywords in incognito.

When you keep searching for the keywords in same browser, they are likely to appear in top results since you searched for them continuously. The incognito will paint for you a completely different picture.

And that makes SEO audits all the more important. While many believe that they know how the SEO of their website is doing, that is not actually true. You need an SEO audit to get the real picture in front of you. And if you are worried about the extra cost, then here is the free website SEO audit and speed test tool for you. You should regularly conduct the SEO audits of your website.


There are numerous reasons as to why you should conduct an audit regularly. One of the very important reasons is to know where you stand when it comes to SEO. Since what you had been looking at so far, was not actually correct, you should know where you stand and where you are lacking.

This SEO audit will help you realize the actual situation, depending on which you can then modify or go ahead with your current SEO strategy.

Secondly, you need to make the experience of users on your website positive. And that would happen when they visit your website and leave from here happily. Imagine if a person has to click on a broken link. Rather than one, imagine if he comes across several broken links on your website. Most of the people would immediately leave, never to return. An SEO audit helps find out such broken links which you can then repair and make sure your users are happy.

Like these, there are numerous other reasons why SEO audit is a necessary task in today’s time. So make sure you do this from time to time and keep everyone happy.

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