How to sell Women Footwear through Instagram?

Well, this is no difficult task, since Instagram has the largest target audience when it comes to women shoes. And as per the trends, anything that is promoted on Instagram has the potential to generate a raving fan base and a large spike in sale. Other social media platforms have similar possibilities, but take longer to build a trusting relationship. This is the reason why many marketers and companies are turning to Instagram to promote their products aggressively.

If you look into products such as hiking sandals, long boots and flats, or any other kind of women footwear, then Instagram is definitely your best choice. Several companies have been very active in their social media accounts to build their audiences. Older more established footwear companies like Nike and Reebok have large established followings that can be measured in the millions. Smaller companies, like Allbirds and Viakix, are still in their early stages of building their fan base.

Here are some of the tactics you can use to sell your products through Instagram.

Insta stories

Insta-stories is one of the best ways to make people aware about your product. Since these stories appear on the top of the feed, they do not interfere with people’s engagement with the platform. The downside is that these stories are only highlighted for 24 hours. Nevertheless, this feature provides a unique opportunity to promote your brand (it’s also a feature that is unique to Instagram, and cannot be found on other social media platforms). In these stories, you can also include your links, texts, videos, or any other thing which you wish to show.

Insta stories truly are one of the greatest mediums to promote your call for action.

Use of Hashtags

The use of appropriate hashtags is a must if you want to expand your fan base. The key here is to make sure you are only using relevant hashtags. If you are selling outdoor shoes, hashtags like #outdoorfashion or #hiking would help expand your current followers. Using hashtags that are too broad or not relevant to your product, on the other hand, will not generate more fans or sales. Make sure you use a mix of popular and non-popular hashtags in order to reach every kind of target audience.

If you are confused which tags to use, you can always use the search feature of Instagram. Type in the relevant keyword and see the keywords that appear in the list along with their popularity measure. These tend to be the most popular and often sited hashtags. You can also check out what hashtags your competitors are using.

Make Use of Analysis

It’s important that you begin to understand when your target audience is available and engaging with Instagram. Posting late at night might be convenient for the brand, however you run the risk that your audience is not on social media. Also by the time they come online, your post would appear deep down in their feed. So, make sure you post your pictures or any other posts at a time that maximizes your audience’s attention.

Through in-depth analysis you can begin to know the geographic overview of your audience, and what time in a day your posts receive maximum views. Try to experiment with different time frames and see which time suits best to you.

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