Why Dating Websites have changed Marketing Strategies to get more Women to Sign up?

Dating is one of the most common phenomenon all over the world. People love to date and hence keep signing up on several dating websites to get a match. While dating is for men and women both, many companies today are targeting women alone in large numbers.

More and more women are urged to sign up on these websites. But why?

Men were given the priority earlier

So far, dating is highly common among men. Most of the dating websites were heavily targeted towards men only. And because of that, there were mostly men only who were signing up on these websites in large numbers. On the other hand, women were given least priority because of which the ratio of women signing up was extremely less.

You can imagine like if 5 men were signing up, only 1 woman was there in comparison. This imbalance in the ratio forced the companies to shift their attention towards women too.

No problem in dating

Moreover, since women do not really have any problem in finding someone to date, they were not enthusiastic on making their account on the dating websites. For women, charming someone is really easy. They do not face any issues in attracting someone to date.

So if they do not really need, why would they sign up. This led to the shortage of women on such dating websites, and eventually companies had to shift their marketing focus towards women.

Dating for women who like women

Most of the dating websites focus on dating between men and women. But there are some women too who would want to date another women. This is not a taboo in every country. So to give them the freedom to choose between men and women leisurely, many free dating websites are coming up targeting bisexuals and lesbians (Die kostenlose Partnersuche für bisexuelle und lesbische Frauen).

This is also another reason why companies are shifting their focus towards women now. Men are going to follow no matter what. It is the women who need to be targeted essentially.

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