The Dangers of Paper Writing SEO: How not to Blacklist Yourself

Every writer who puts their work out there is looking for nothing short of massive web traffic. This is what defines the growth or the collapsing of a writing career. Even paper writing service providers do their best to satisfy and retain their customers as they attract new ones. However, the platform provided for writers to showcase their work has specified terms of engagement. There writers who have been discredited due to common mistakes that can be avoided. One day your blog and articles are doing so well then the following day they are nowhere on the search pages. Even though this kind of a misfortune catches most writers by surprise, it should not be so. As a writer, the following are precautions that you need to take to avoid blacklisting yourself:

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

In the past, websites would pass the ranking test simply by having articles that were full of keywords and phrases. Web users will always type a certain word or phrase to search for results so it seemed that the more keyword stuffed an article is the better. However, writing technique has been challenged in the recent past owing to the fact that quality should be a wholesome affair. The written piece should be relevant and coherent. The keywords must not be over-repeated even though they should be used enough times in the article. One way to avoid overusing the same word is by introducing its synonyms so that your work still makes sense even when the keyword is eliminated. In this case, quality supersedes quantity.

Do not Duplicate Content

Article marketing has been working in the past and has also evolved over time to suit the changing times. However, what does not seem to work is content duplication. There are penalties for this and web users tend to seek originality from writers. Some content producers play clever by doing different versions of the same article and linking them to the original. The chances of this kind of a gimmick working depend highly on the creativity of you as the writer. It is possible to present one concept in different ways and still preserve your originality. This also means that you make use of all the tools that will keep you from duplication. The search engine is evolving daily and so you should be up to date with the tools necessary to keep you from trouble.

Use Legitimate Links

One of the things you can do to popularize your work is by doing proper linkage. Providing relevant links for the user to access more information on particular subjects is a plus. The links could either be pointing further to your own work or another person’s. However, one common mistake that writers make in the pursuit for popularity is buying inks from illegitimate sources. There are several self-proclaimed SEO firms which sell disreputable links to unsuspecting writers. Some are clever enough to conceal the matter on their part but for you to use such links is a great risk. It is much better to have few but genuine links to your work because you will build your credibility over time. Even though this may take slightly longer, it is sustainable and will keep you from the SEO blacklist.

Check out for Broken Links

Almost every web user has gone through the disappointment of broken links whereby some sites are no longer working. This is because some writers do not bother to keep check the availability and status of the sites they are linked to. It is possible for a site to close in the split of a second and unless you keep checking then you might end up with broken links all over.  Apart from been penalized, this may also cost you some of your followers since no one enjoys the frustration of broken links. To avoid this kind of a mess, you could visit webmasters from time to time to change what needs to be changed. Sites will most likely undergo reconstruction and unless you follow up you will not know what has changed.

Be Natural with Anchor Texts

Anchor texts are common in search pages since most links are locked up in them. Even when users are conducting particular searches, they will most likely type an anchor text or word. This means the most natural thing to do is to have different anchor texts for different links. However, some writers get a little lazy and assume that such will go unnoticed. Using the same text for all the links is not only unnatural but also unappealing to the user. Also, different people will use different wording to search for the same results so it does not add up for you to repeat an anchor text. Sometimes it is even better to use a single word on the anchor text. This will give you the allowance to play around with words without getting caught. Unhealthy repetitions could get you penalized when finally the search cops catch up with your bad habits.

Join the Right Link Directory

Considering that links are part and parcel of web content, it is only prudent to submit to a directory. There are many available link directories but you should consider your choice well. For instance, there is the issue of neighbourhoods and how they affect your ranking. The kind of sites submitted to the same directory as yours determine whether you are in a good or bad neighbourhood. Having authority sites as your neighbours give your site a good name and authority as well. However, if you submit to a directory together with spammed sites, your reputation is at stake.

Final Remarks

Having your site at the top of the search pages is not far-fetched. However, proper discipline and adherence to certain terms are required to keep you on the lead. A site like paper written is among those that have made it to the top. The tips discussed here will help you to move to the top and maintain your site reputation.

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