Why Dating sites have started Marketing to more Ethnic Groups?

If there are dating websites that target the whole world, there are also some dating sites which are for specific ethnic groups only. And these specific ethnic group marketing has become highly common in today’s time.

Whether you are looking for dating a black girl or a white girl specifically, you would find respective websites for the same. Dating websites are now focusing less on inter racial and worldwide dating. These specific ethnic groups have flooded the dating industry now.

But why have the dating websites shifted their focus towards ethnic groups?

Mass Marketing dating websites were degrading

On mass marketing dating sites, like Tinder, the experience of many ethnic groups was very degrading. A black man usually had to send number of messages to receive a single response, in comparison to his white counterpart, who can get a reply back within 1 or 2 messages.

This was only due to the fact that there is huge population on such websites with mixed color, race, etc. So there were less chances that a black man would encounter a black woman on the app. And this was highly demoralizing. Hence, that is one of the reasons which led to companies come out with the apps targeted specifically towards each ethnic group.

In this, people can now easily get connected to their counterparts, and enjoy the season of dating without worrying or getting demoralized.

Niche is successful

Today, generic websites are no longer given much importance in the world. If you are in a niche segment, you would be applauded. If not, people would not take you much seriously, or won’t focus on you much. Same is the case with the dating industry.

As long as you are targeting the entire world, you might not be able to succeed in getting past few of the already existing players. But if you decide to go as niche as possible, you would get a very dedicated audience, no matter how small it is. Niche dating apps today are becoming more successful than the mainstream apps and websites.

And that is because with the niche target, you very well know what the people actually want, and hence you would work on fulfilling their wishes effectively. Moreover, you can attract people who share similar interests and have similar personality. Same cultural foundations also play a very major role here.

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