Should you spend more on Social Media or SEO?

Social Media Marketing as well as SEO, both are equally important in today’s time. Without both, a business might not even survive efficiently. And if you have to attract a large number of followers, and keep growing consistently, then you definitely need to have social media presence, as well as the right SEO done for your website.

BUT, if we have to pick one of the 2 in terms of spending, then Social Media is definitely for the win. Why?

SEO can be managed

Though there are numerous SEO agencies which provide great SEO support for your existing website. But you can still omit that and take care of SEO on your own. There are numerous tips and tricks available on the web, where you can learn how to handle this yourself.

You can also delegate the task of SEO to your in-house team and supervise what they are doing. All you need is persistence, good quality content, as well as quality backlinks. So, you can save a lot of cost here if you know your approach.

Social Media is a costly affair

While SEO can be taken care of in-house only, social media needs money attention. Without paying, you cannot go anywhere here. Even if you own a business page on the social media platforms from a long time, you still need to pay to promote any post to your target audience.

Many people are even looking to buy Instagram likes, followers, views, comments, and so on, just to increase the followership. If you are getting more likes on your pages and posts, more and more people would automatically start following you. But this doesn’t end here. More followers do not mean better growth.

You have to pay even to show your posts to all of those followers. So, no matter how skilled you become in social media marketing strategies, you have to spend here much more in order to receive the desired fruits.

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