3 Marketing methods still effective in 2019

We have come a long way in terms of marketing and promotions for different businesses and companies. Earlier where physical promotions dominated the industries, today digital marketing has taken over. But does that mean that physical marketing is obsolete?

Not at all. The companies today prefer going for a mix of promotions – physical as well as digital. Here we will be talking about few of the marketing methods that are extremely viral among the companies today.

Boards and Hoardings

When a business is local, this kind of marketing is run in a very extreme manner. But obviously, the more money you will shell out here, the better hoardings you would be able to afford. These hoardings are either placed on the highways and roads, or the boards are put up in front of related shops. You can visit any popular print shop, offline or online, and get these hoardings printed.

Not only local, but international businesses are also going for hoardings these days. For example, Netflix has put up advertisements for Stranger Things in most of the places in the world.


When you go digital, SEO is one of the most popular strategies that has become important for almost every company today. If you wish to get organic traffic on your website, then you have to conduct a proper SEO for your website or blog.

You can either carry this out yourself, or simply hire an external SEO agency to do the work for you. Either ways, you would be benefitted with numerous SEO techniques that can be carried out. Just take care that you write high quality content and build efficient and quality backlinks. In SEO, quality matters over quantity.

Social Media Promotions

This is another popular strategy for being efficient in digital marketing. If SEO is one leg of a cycle named Digital Marketing, then Social Media is the other. Both together bring a lot of benefit to the businesses and websites.

Through different social media platforms, you can attract your target audience easily. Make a business page, join related groups, go for paid promotions, and so on. There are numerous techniques you can try here and succeed in social media marketing. Experiment and see what fits best with your business.

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