Shopify Apps You Need To Increase Your Sales

Entrepreneurs today are beginning to realize how profitable online businesses and the opportunities that exist online over having a retail store in the real world. The rate at which ecommerce is growing is fast, and lots of entrepreneurs are beginning to consider online businesses since they get to spend less while increasing their revenue.

If you are an online business owner, it is vital that you go into some form of ecommerce investment and this is where getting the right apps and tools needed to grow your online store is essential to maximize your ROI.

Here are eight Shopify apps that helps to increase your sales.


Image credit: SkuHarmony

With SkuHarmony, sync Shopify with Square seamlessly. With this application, you can automatically take inventory counts between your Square and Shopify locations in sync. That is to say that if an SKU unit is sold in Shopify, it will get deducted automatically from Square and this goes both ways. With SkuHarmony, it is now very easy to keep inventory counts between both locations synchronized. Then again, any inconsistency which exists between these two platforms can easily be reconciled as it comes with a user-friendly interface. Therefore, events such as orders, refunds, including manual adjustments that occur on either platform will be reflected automatically in the other within a short period of time.


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With Weglot, Shopify store owners looking to get a multilingual website now have the answer in the laps. Visas a tech startup engineered to help websites to become multilingual. Possessing an interface which is simple and easy to use, you get the ability to seamlessly carry out translation management. By using this Shopify translation app, you will be able to translate your store in many languages within just some few minutes. Then again, you’ll be able to add more new languages and get your store content translated in terms of products, the processors for checkout, including apps and all these do not involve any form of coding whatsoever. It is also compatible with all applications and themes on Shopify and with Weglot, you’ll be able to connect with your customers using their native languages and this will translate into more leads for you. Then again, this Shopify app has been optimized for SEO.


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The Opinew – Shopify Products Reviews App and Importer Stands out as a very superb tool for the enhancement of productivity, effectiveness, and revenue generation for your online store. The important role that reviews play in the operation of businesses is very crucial for both the buyers and sellers. Decision making by buyers with regards to determining the product that best suits their needs is influenced greatly by reviews online. On the other hand, sellers must begin to take reviews very seriously since a single negative review could lead to a fall in business activities. Then again, search engine optimization is positively impacted by reviews too. By using Opinew, you can get to improve your Google ranking with your star ratings.

SMS Notifications

Image credit: Onjection Labs

If you’re looking for an amazing way to perform abandoned cart recovery via SMS, then, you just hit the jackpot. With SMS Notifications, tasks such as sending updates to customers with respect to the status of their orders via SMS, sending them notifications about accounts creation, orders creation, orders fulfillment, orders cancellations, as well as recovering abandoned carts via SMS is now possible and seamless. By using this Shopify app, get to connect with clients scattered all over 220+ countries and convert those customers who abandoned carts so as to recoup revenue.


Image credit: OptiMonk

For every business to succeed, lead generation remains one of the key elements and it’s important to get those early visitors who come to your online shop converted. Make use of OptiMonk to capture email subscribers smoothly as you expand your business. It is essential that you target visitors who leave your shop before they get to even perform an action, as well as, visitors who will likely not return again. Do not underestimate the potential that emails provide for your business as they give you an effective method of persuading first-timers to make future purchases. Use OptiMonk for email list building of every user that visits your site and shows an interest in your product. Even if the visitors do not wish to buy immediately, get them to subscribe to your newsletters and stand a chance to convert them later on. OptiMonk is the perfect lead generation app which is GDPR compliant, smart, and Google-friendly.


Image credit: JivoChat

JivoChat is a premium Shopify chat app built to help ecommerce business owners provide assistance to the clients that pay their online shop a visit on a daily basis in order to grow their sales. By using the JivoChat widget, communication with a wide range of visitors can be carried out simultaneously and seamlessly. You will be able to make use of features such as color-coded chats, canned responses, as well as, sneak-peeks and hotkeys. This superb application, also, is equipped with a translator which is compatible with over 90 languages and can provide information for you about the location and click source of a visitor and more.


Image credit: SyncSpider

SyncSpider is a premium eCommerce Syncing Software that has greatly revolutionized how online shop solutions and ERP systems communicate. This app is the perfect tool that you need to integrate every ecommerce platform of yours. Do you wish to import, export, or even get your data synchronized? Then, Sync-Spider is what you need. With Sync-Spider, you can get to circumvent all of those challenges that exist with large data sets that must be manually entered into different systems in order to maintain records that are current.


Image credit: DragDropr

Shopify users can now get the luxury of conserving time with the Shopify page builder. This app is perfect for adding newly personalized features that make your store unique. A very powerful drag and drop editing tool, DragDropr helps you come up with new web pages, blogs, customized products and more very quickly without any hassle. Looking to improve the uniqueness of your brand? Then, make use of this hot tool which has widgets that you can use to get your store customized by tweaking the elements of shop products, getting to drop products into your cart directly and more.


By the year 2020, B2B ecommerce sales are expected to surpass B2C sales in terms of volume, reaching $6.7 trillion. Tap into the benefits that these apps have to offer to grow your store and improve your lead conversion and generation levels today.

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