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SEO is one of the hottest topics of today’s digital world. Everyone who is making their presence online, are going for SEO too to get better results. And for that, while many people look out for external agencies to do the SEO for their businesses, many experiment with this strategy themselves only.

And to be frank, you really do not need high end technologies or software to do the right SEO for your website. Even you can carry the SEO yourself, if you know the right techniques. This beginner SEO training guide is going to help you learn the SEO strategies in just 1 day.

Lessons Covered

Here you have got numerous lessons which you can study back to back, and understand the core concept of SEO. Some of the lessons covered here include:

  • Basics of SEO
  • About Search Engines
  • On Page SEO
  • SEO and Content
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building
  • UX and SEO

All of these are in the form of chapters. You can consider this a novel and finish reading and learning the SEO strategies in just a single day.

Some of the most important terms that are covered in these chapters are – On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat, Crawling, Indexing, Ranking Factors, and so on. Overall, you will get to understand a lot of concepts which you might not be knowing previously.

Even if you think you know SEO quite well, you should still go through this guide. Who knows you might get to learn few new things which would take your website to much advanced level.

There is also a 30 Days SEO challenge, where you will learn many more things which would include social media, Google Analytics, and so on. This is basically a step by step guide for you, to implement over a period of 30 days. At the end of this complete course, you will definitely feel like a master of the SEO.

You can even start your own SEO agency after this!


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