Top Software Integrations to enhance your eCommerce Platform

It’s no secret. The brick-and-mortar stores are losing the battle for customers to e-commerce retailers. Today, both SMEs and large enterprises regard eCommerce as a significant profit generator. The demand is growing exponentially.

But for you to get the best out of it, you need find a way to stand out from the sea of competition. That is why most retailers are investing in technology like eCommerce platforms to streamline their operations through integrating various tools and applications.

So what are some of these integrations that can save your business from the tanking and improve everything from customer experience to stock keeping?

Inventory Management Software

Most eCommerce businesses nowadays have many stores located in different locations far from one another. And that makes it a tough job to track on all inventory thanks to the integrated centralized inventory database. Investing in inventory management app makes it easy for your eCommerce to keep track of inventory. For example, using a Catalogue management software makes it easier to:

  • Track stock levels through real-time in real-time.
  • Create reports using historical data i.e. the demand of individual products.

Besides, thanks to the software, retailers can see top level data at a glance over a user friendly dashboard.

Project management software integration

Efficient management of resources is one of the hallmarks of every business. And your ecommerce is no exception. The way you handle your day to day operations determines how well (or badly off) your business will fare. Why? Because, it is going to impact everything from order fulfillment to customer support.

Integrating a project management software will help your eCommerce store to keep a good track of everything that is related to your business. Particularly, a good project management software will help your eCommerce store with:

  • Your marketing efforts
  • Customer support
  • Order management
  • Business intelligence
  • Process improvement, among other

Subscription management software

E-Commerce businesses are turning to subscription management in the hope of retaining customers and also improve the brand loyalty. The eCommerce software integration helps improve customer service greatly. The software ensures that customers are charged accordingly. And, that implies that there won’t be overcharging of customers – a situation that might hurt your brand.

The higher the customer satisfaction, the higher the number of subscribers your business will bag at the end of the day. To achieve better result, you need to integrate your eCommerce with a reliable payment gateway.

Live Chat Software

Users visiting any website to use your services or a products might not understand the nitty-gritties of your eCommerce store. You need a live customer rep that might help them navigate through or respond to various questions related to your services.  Integrating live chats improves communication, helping your reps attend to customers queries and concerns (with regard to products you are selling or the services you are offering) in real-time. .Investing in a live chat software is a great way to solve any issues with the customer as soon as they arise.

Some of the features of the software that you might not want to lose out on include:

  • Categorize and prioritize tickets.
  • Frequently asked questions that have automated responses.

Site Search Software

What if your employees need to dig for your customers data? It happens daily, and your staff need to do it with minimal fuss. That is where the Site search software comes in handy. The eCommerce software organizes data for easy retrieval and users can enter securely and find data across the databases of the organization.

That way, it not only makes their easier but also helps improve customer satisfaction levels in your eCommerce store.

The site search allows users to find products using either keywords, types of products, or product categories. Besides, the software integration all keeps the data of the frequently searched products or services and they pop up whenever keywords are entered.

Cart Abandonment Software

There is high number of people abandoning carts rather than going ahead to makes purchases. For whatever reason they abandon the cart -not so targeted copy, out of curiosity, or simply were not ready to make a purchase – you need to get back to them. You will need to send emails to them reminding them about the project or offering more information about the package. Thanks to the cart abandonment software, you can reach up to 77% of prospects who abandon carts without making any purchase.

E-commerce ERP Integration

If you won’t run your process efficiently, delays and dissatisfaction among customers will be part of you. That means your business empire will be set on a free-fall course as time goes by. Ecommerce ERP integration allows you to push and pull off your key data. This software will help your eCommerce store by:

  • Providing key product information
  • Keeping track of inventory levels
  • Tracking customer details
  • Keeping up to date payment terms and details
  • Eliminate data redundancy 

Summing it up

Running a successful e-Commerce platform is not an easy task. It requires a lot of work to get started, and a lot of work to get it moving and profiteering. For you to stand out, you need to strategize well. You need to come up better the planning, the fear challenges and errors you encounter when you flip the “go live” switch.

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