Is Online Tutoring still effective in 2019?

With the increasing advancement of technology, the education sector has also got a big boost as there is easy availability of online tutors for every subject. In the traditional ways of teaching, students need to visit a particular school or academic institutions to gain knowledge. But in online tutoring, it has become possible to access teachers of our choice at our home only. No doubt this way of learning has benefitted the learners a lot, still, there is a segment of parents who prefer to send their children from a physically present teacher. In this post, we have thrown light on the effectiveness of online tutoring in 2019. Also, we will discuss how this medium of learning is different from the offline mode of tutoring.

The invention of various useful electronic devices has changed the entire process of learning drastically. Now, there is no need to carry heavy textbooks as digitized textbooks can be accessed with the use of the internet. Online tutoring has provided parents with a bunch of option to select a suitable teacher for their child. Almost every subject teacher is available online that too with a nominal fee structure per subject. Also, there is a facility of 1:1 teaching which has ensured a greater understanding of a subject. In 2019, the effectiveness of online tutoring can be supported by the bunch of benefits this method offers. Here are some of the other benefits of online tutoring which ensure a student to enjoy learning:

  • Reduction in Traveling Time – Unlike the traditional way of teaching, there is no need to travel to learn any subjects. It is so because one can access one’s favorite teacher on one’s PC itself and it saves a lot of time as well as energy which can be utilized in learning more effectively. Also, the 1:1 teaching environment facilitate a student to ask their doubts without much hesitation which further helps in understanding the subjects more clearly.
  • Availability of Choices – In the online tutoring methods, a student can choose from different options that are available on various online tutoring services. Parents can study the profiles of various available online tutors before making a final selection out of them. Also, if a student is not getting a proper result from a given teacher then there are plenty of other options available to search for an effective teacher.
  • Selection of Study Time – Apart from the above two benefits of online tutoring, the other benefit is the selection of study time according to one’s comfort. A student need not be ready at a fixed time and one can simply choose it according to one’s time table. Not only this, a student can repeat the lecture by recording it on the storage medium. This helps to clear the doubts more effectively by watching a given lecture repeatedly.

Some parents still prefer to seek the traditional way of tutoring for their children as they believe online tutoring could not ensure discipline. However, it depends on the mindset of parents as well as students and itis just a perception based on which parents prefer a way of tutoring. If a student is really interested in learning then he can do it in any way. And online tutoring really helps to fasten the process of learning with a high clarity of subjects.

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