How do Hackers hack Facebook Accounts?

Facebook is the most commonly used social networking site which enjoys the highest number of users worldwide. Although Facebook assures the safety of your account still, it can be hacked by hackers with the use of many ways. Hence, it is highly important to keep a check on the suspicious activities on your Facebook account. There are a number of ways in which one can prevent the misuse of one’s Facebook account. Also, one must have a comprehensive knowledge of the popular ways in which your Facebook account can be compromised. Here are the popular ways hackers use to hack Facebook accounts:


Phishing is the most commonly used method by hackers to hack your Facebook account or any other account. It involves the use of a similar looking account to make you believe it as the original one. This is how hackers “fishes” for your information that looks exactly similar to Facebook’s main page. Post the creation of the identical looking Facebook portal, hackers send you the mail to make you log in into your account. And if you enter the login details and password then you would fall victim to it. In this manner, hackers make you believe that you are accessing your own account and steal your important information which may cost you a lot in the future.

Using Keylogger

Another possible way in which hackers can take control of your Facebook account is by using keylogger software or device. With the use of keylogging, one can know about the keystrokes without let other person knowing about it. Hackers install keylogging software on the victim’s computer which results in recording every keystroke that is pressed by the user. This stolen information could be your accounts passwords, banking details, and other important information which you would not like to share with anyone. Even people with technical background fall victim to this method of facebook hacking as it is very difficult to detect whether any computer device has keylogging software installed in it. That is why many websites have allowed the use of virtual keypad to enter the information in order to avoid the breach of your personal information.

Stored Passwords

Usually, when you logged in to any website, it is suggested to you to save your password in order to make future logins easy. This is helpful as you need not remember your passwords every time you log into an account. But it is not recommended to do so as it could lead to the breach of your private information in case your device goes in the hands of a stranger. A stranger could easily log into your account as passwords are already stored on your account.


If you are accessing your Facebook account on a public network then it is feasible for other people to gain access to your website using sidejacking. This helps hackers to impersonate you for the duration of your session and steals your information. During this process, cookies are stolen which makes it easier for another person to log into your account for a given session.

In a nutshell, we can conclude that one should have comprehensive knowledge about hacking Facebook account. You can read more about how to hack facebook at spyadvice which would make it easier for you to know a lot about Facebook hacking to prevent it.

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