What is the Definition of Payroll?

With the growing number of startups and businesses, the demand for payroll services is increasing on a large scale. It is not feasible to handle the payrolls in a big organization as it demands a lot of time as well as money to do so. But before opting for payroll services and use other payroll software for dealing with payroll activities, one must have a clear understanding of what exactly a payroll is. In this post, we will define payroll and also enlist its components for clear understanding.


Payroll can be defined as an employee of an organization to whom you make payment. In this context, all important employee information should also be taken into consideration. Also, payroll is the amount you pay to your employees during the pay period. In another way, payroll can be referred to as the process of actually calculating and distributing wages as well as taxes.

Components of a Payroll

Before you fill a payroll, it is mandatory for an organization to fill all the important information related to employees in a W-4 form. All the information related to employee’s federal income withholding exemptions, along with their names, address, and Social Security numbers should be updated in a form, W-4. The time-offs of an employee, as well as the number of hours it works, also needs to be provided while obtaining payroll report. Apart from these, salary and wages also need to be filled in the respective fields. Deductions and taxes also entered in the payroll software and these are served as the components of a payroll. All these things can simply be added in payroll software and many services offer these type of payroll software. Boston Payroll services is one option which one could choose to do this work.

Options to Run Payroll

  • Payroll by Hand – Out of all the ways to run payroll, this is the most time-consuming process and it simply demands manually adding all the details using IRS tax report. While calculating federal income tax, it is important to keep in mind the accuracy as there are high chances for errors in this work.
  • Payroll with the Help of Accountant – Another way to run payroll is to outsource this work into the hands of an accountant. This is an excellent way to save time as well as money, which helps a business owner to focus on other aspects of work in its business.
  • Payroll Using Software – Another most used way to run payroll is to use software to do the work of payroll in an organization. This option not only helps to maintain accuracy but also it leads to saving time as well as money. Enterprise payroll services is a popular option available to do this work.

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