Factors to Consider for Effective Brochure Printing

In the past few years, brochure prints have received a lot of attention from businessmen and companies. It has proved to be an effective business promotion tool. However, for efficient brochure printing it is important to consider some factors. Here are a few factors which you should consider for effective brochure printing:

Keep the brochure layout and print size in perfect sync

The print paper you choose should be of appropriate size for the brochure layout. If you have chosen a paper size which is smaller than your layout, then in the end your layout will have to shrink to lower the quality. If you stretch the layout on a big size paper, it will lower your image quality.

Avail print bleed for top quality brochure printing

Primarily, brochures are printed in sheets and then chopped to separate units. The blade which slices the sheets to individual units is precise but sometimes there are minor fluctuations. In order to overcome these fluctuations, you should expand the brochure layout beyond the chosen page borders. It helps you to have full ink coverage and is suitable for patterns which need extreme even edges of the brochure to be displayed nicely. Usually, the extend of the brochure layout is done 1/8th inch more than the chosen paper edge.

Choose the correct resolution

In order to have professionally looking brochures, it is important that you use high resolution pictures and artwork. Poor result may cause blurry printouts. It is important to choose at least 300 dot per inch of resolution to get top quality brochure prints.

Select the right paper

Whether you are looking for matte finishing or glossy finish, it is significant to select a paper of the right size and thickness. Usually 80 lb and 100 lb are selected. For best brochure printing, one should go for 100 lb stock paper. However, there isn’t much difference in the price of 80 lb and 100 lb paper. To give your brochures a glossy look, you can use varnish.

Try to think out of the box ideas

To stand in perfect competition, it is important to take right care at every stage of brochure printing. You should use impressive fonts to attract the attention of the target audience. Do not go for routine fonts used by your contemporaries. To give your brochure an appeal, choose colours which match your theme well. Dull colours may irritate the eye and create lack of attention.

For affordable printing, you should use the right size and quality of paper. Use of one colour or two colour may also lower down your expense. You have a number of affordable ways to cut down the cost of brochure printing. Change your style with your brochure printing aim.

If you want to ensure that the brochure print design chosen by you is perfect, make sure you discuss your requirements in the right way with the brochure printing company and they will design best creative looking brochures to enhance your business sale.


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