3 Reasons Email Marketing still works

In today’s digital world, everyone prefers to use social media platforms to promote their business via marketing. However, there are many business entities who still opt for email marketing as a tool to spread a word about their work. When the internet was new only the use of emails was prevalent to interact with customers. But in the present time also, there are many reasons which support the use of email marketing in the business world. Here are the popular reasons:

Easy to Approach Customers

Email marketing is one of the effective ways to approach customers as everyone has an email through which one is connected to receive information daily. Unlike social media marketing, the customers are not addressed as a whole but a personal message is sent to their account to interact with them. Also, everyone is having mobile phones so there are higher chances to interact with people that too in an easy manner. Not only this, emails have a large content area than text message so a message can be conveyed in a detailed manner to customers. With the use of Google’s AMP technology for emails, the process has become innovative as well as dynamic.

Inexpensive to Use

In comparison to other marketing ways, email marketing is inexpensive and so it doesn’t put a burden on business owners. It is beneficial for all the beginner business owners who don’t have much budget to spend on other marketing channels such as television, radio, posters, etc. Email marketing doesn’t charge much for sending a message to the customers but it gives a high return to the business owners. Hence, email marketing is not only an economical but also an effective marketing way to get in touch with customers.


Email marketing is versatile to use and can be customized according to every customer. While sending an email, it is possible to write the name of receivers which gives it a personal touch. And one more thing, emails receive more response from customers than social media posts. Actionable Emails Using Schema.org can be used to get a website stand out from other competitors. Not only it is easy to customize but also it can be easily integrated into other marketing tactics.

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