Why Your Typing Speed Should be on Your Resume?

These days, every business needs an online presence. And apart from that, majority of the work today is also being done on computers or laptops. And this calls for a good typing speed.

Typing speed today, is not a single necessary job skill. But this surely is one of the important skills necessary for every job. Typing speed governs a lot of things, because of which it deserves to go on your resume. And these days, a lot of companies and websites are offering free typing lessons for beginners, which would help you master your skill and perform better at job.

Here are some of the benefits of having a good typing speed.

Advantages of good typing speed

If you are good at typing, then it would mean that your typing speed and thinking speed is almost synchronized. If the speed is same and synchronized, you would be able to do much more work in the given time frame. And that means you would increase the productivity of your company.

Result? Your bosses would be happy with you and reward you.

BUT, on the contrary, if your typing speed is not good, you would lack in your work. And there are high chances of committing more mistakes in your work as compared to someone who is good at typing. Those people are definitely not liked by the company, and may face bad outcomes at some point in time.


So, it is vital, if not solely important, that you have a good typing speed and present that on your resume. Most of the work today needs keyboard. So, if you are not very good at this skill, you can take the typing lessons for beginners and improve your typing speed.

Include WPM

Once you are sure that your typing speed is good, calculate your WPM (Words per Minute) and include that on your resume. Also make sure, that this section goes on the application where typing is required. In other words, skills like typing speed should align with the job description you are applying to. Elsewhere, it would totally be redundant.

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