China Plans to Mobilize more than 10 Million People to Volunteer in Countryside

In the next 3 years, by 2020, China is planning to take help from more than 10 Million people to promote the cultural, medical and technological developments in the countryside. This volunteering would take place in the rural areas of the country, which would eventually help develop the rural areas at a better speed.

For this task, many people are also volunteering abroad from other places. With this help, those rural areas will face quick development, which have been seeing huge outflow of efficient and young workers.

Most of these young volunteers would be sent to places where the development is lacking behind, the regions are covered with extreme poverty and malnourishment, And to those rural areas where ethnic minority group resides. These people will promote the local development of people of those areas, and help enhance their personal skills.

Such a move by the government has been highly appreciated by the people all over the country. And officials believe that this would help revitalize the local rural areas that have been suffering for a long time.

One of the officials shared in a statement, “We need young people to use science and technology to help the countryside innovate its traditional development models.” He further shared that young people are energetic and can help a lot in achieving the dream the government has seen for the future of the country. Since the job is more digitized and standardized, they are in need for more people who possess good computer skills.

A good number of training bases would be set up for the young people in the rural areas, so that they stop looking for work outside and help in developing their own region.

Such a plan by the Chinese government has also motivated other governments to motivate people from all over the world in volunteering abroad to the places which are in need for some help. Hopefully this action will show good results by the end of 2020.

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