How do Websites Like 123Movies Host so Many Movies?

123Movies has been extensively used by people to watch free movies online. The movie streaming website offers almost every movies which a movie-lover could think of watching. What are the reasons due to which such online movie-streaming websites host so many movies successfully? Well, there are several factors which permit websites like 123Movies to host such a big movie database. We have explained below the ways to accumulate so much movie data for movie websites like 123Movies.

Dedicated Servers

The key factor which helps movie streaming websites like 123Movies to host such a huge quantity of movies online is the use of dedicated servers. For such movie streaming sites, image loading requires the use of compression tools. And also video streaming by visitors could only be achieved properly if a website like 123Movies uses a dedicated server with high-speed processor and big storage. Due to the use of a dedicated server with CDN, it facilitates the supply of a huge amount of data to visitors at a very high speed.

High Number of Staff Members to Manage Data

Another reason which helps to ensure the hosting of a large amount of movies’ data is a huge number of workers. It is very difficult for any movie streaming website like 123Movies to host such big data with few employees. Hence, the addition of new data, updating the old data and dealing with other technical issues for websites like 123Movies could only be done with the help of a large number of staff members. Although there is a change of name for this movie streaming website for several times, still, it hosts a large amount of data due to its high number of employees.

Linking to Other Websites

Movie streaming websites like 123Movies do not actually host all the content on their own. When you click on the link of any movie by visiting any of such websites then you would find that the link will take you to some other website. Hence, it is actually referring the link to other websites for a person to watch movies online which helps such websites to host so many movies with some basic content online.

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