Advise you can give to your Employee Suffering from Malignant Hyperthermia

Malignant hyperthermia occurs when our body responds to a particular dose of anesthetics in a severe manner. Under this, abnormalities in muscles develop in such people who have abnormal muscle protein. It could also be triggered due to extreme exercise or heat stroke in people with inherited muscle abnormalities. On reacting to a particular drug, a reaction occurs which could cause muscle deformities in many people with abnormal muscle protein. In this post, we have shared some advice which you could give to your employees who suffer from the malignant hyperthermia problem.

Lower Body Temperature and Other Functions

Maintaining low body temperature is necessary to reduce the bad consequences of malignant hyperthermia. If any of your employees suffers from the problem of malignant hyperthermia then it is highly important for them to keep their body temperature low. Also, one should keep a regular check on maintaining the proper supply of oxygen in his body. Apart from this, maintaining normal blood pressure, acid levels, heartbeat and kidney functions should be ensured to prevent malignant hyperthermia.

Avoid Triggering Agents

Malignant hyperthermia patients should avoid all those agents completely which trigger malignant hyperthermia in their body. One must tell his doctors about his malignant hyperthermia condition so that the doctor could think of alternative options to the anesthetic procedure. Medical alert bracelets or medical emergency bags could be given by doctors to warn about any unwelcoming conditions during the surgery.

Seek Help from Professional Doctor

Everyone knows the phrase, “Prevention is better than Cure.” Hence, it is important for a malignant hyperthermia patient to be taking medicines related to the maintenance of his body in proper conditions. As mentioned in the first point, blood pressure, heartbeat, body temperature should be kept within the normal range if one wants to live a healthy lifestyle. For this, you need to get yourself check on a regular basis and remain in contact with a professional doctor to help you deal with any sort of emergency conditions related to malignant hyperthermia.

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