Effect of Mobile Phones on Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is an essential hormone in males which keep their fertility active. A man without testosterone is like a lion without its teeth. But nowadays, males are facing problems of lower testosterone levels during their early married life, which sometimes ends up with broken relationships. The lower testosterone levels (also called low T) is not only the problem of aged males but is also found in young males. That is why it becomes a concerning factor.

There are many symptoms of low T levels, such as memory loss, hair loss, lack of sex drive, depression and irrational behavior.

How the testosterone levels of males go low?

There are many reasons for its low level. But keeping a mobile phone with you add in lowering testosterone level quickly than any other reason. Not only mobile phones but also a laptop on your lap is also responsible for decreasing your fertility by lowering testosterone hormone.

We have been using mobile phones for more than a decade. Mobile phones emit EMF continuously to search for tower signals. This EMF directly affects testosterone hormone and continuous exposure to EMF causes to lower the testosterone level. The ideal EMF level which a human body can resist without any problem is under 0.3 milligauss. But some mobile phones emit up to 50 milligauss EMF radiations which is many time more than the permissible range.

One question might be arising in your mind, what is the relation of EMF with our body?

The human body is made from electrons and there is also an electric charge in our body which keep these electrons moving in a circuit. EMF radiations break the circuit and harm our body. As males generally keep their mobile phone close to the testicles so the problem starts arising at the same spot.

Doctors advise patients with low testosterone levels to keep their mobile phones as much away from the body as they can. Testosterone level can be retained up to the normal range after following the doctor’s prescription. But if your body has been consuming EMF at a greater level for many years, then it may be difficult to regain the ideal level of testosterone hormone.

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