What is the Difference Between Certified and Official Translation Services?

How many times in life we make the mistake of going for the cheap option to save money and how many times have we regretted that decision? Probably way too many times to count, right? The reason behind that is simple. We live in a world where it is getting harder and harder to survive on what you earn. So as a result, we end up finding cheaper options. Dishwashing liquid ran out? How about getting that cheap one this time? Let’s get that unknown brand’s tablet for your kids this time. We start from smaller decisions and then we move on to the big ones because sometimes side effects take a while to show up.

But sooner and later you will realize that cheaper products and cheaper services can bring more problems in your life. When you buy a cheap device, it will get broken frequently and you will have to spend a lot on getting it fixed every other day. You don’t have to buy things often if you make the right choices. If you save for some time and get a good device then you can rest assured that it will be there for you for a long time.

Official Translation Services

No matter what kind of cutlery you use every day in your home, you will have special cutlery for guests in your cupboard that is as good as new. Sometimes in life, you are in certain situations where you have to extend the same service to someone else. For instance, when you need the translation of an official document for official use then you will find the best service for it. You can’t present an inaccurate document to a government office, an embassy, or a court.

An official translation is done for your documents. It is certified, which proves its authenticity, and can be submitted to official bodies. These are also sometimes called certified translations. But both of them are not the same. Certified and notarized translations do have significant official importance as they are often required by offices.

The most common documents are birth and marriage certificates. They are often required by immigration offices. When someone submits an immigration application then they have to submit certified translations of their birth certificate otherwise their application can get rejected.

Types of Official Translation

The most common types are the following:

1. Certified Translation

A certified translation is the one that is attested by the translator for being accurate. Certified documents have high accuracy rates and that is why they are required by state organizations. There are no errors in official documents and they contain the same meaning as that of the original document. A translator does not have to be certified to provide certifications. Any professional language service provider can efficiently carry out official translations.

2. Notarized Translation

A notarized translation is the one in which the translator’s signature is certified by a notary. Notarized translations are done for legal documents and they are mostly used in court settings. An experienced and professional language expert can carry out notarized translations but the notary seal and authentication is essential for notarization.

The rules for both may vary from country to country but every country requires the basic steps mentioned above. In court settings, notarized documents may have to go through further steps for them to be acceptable. Anyone in need of a certified or notarized translation must confirm the requirements from the state organizations body first.

Where to Get Official Translations from?

If you need an official translation and had never heard of them before, then finding this service can be a little problem for you. The best way to find one is through the internet. But before you choose an official translation service for your project, there are a few things that you should consider. Any agency that does not employ native translators is not doing a good job for their clients because no one can understand the complexity of a language better than native speakers of that language.

An agency that does not take its tasks seriously and submits completed projects after weeks is not the right choice for you. Even if you are not in a hurry, their behavior screams unprofessionalism. The good agencies have a team of experienced professionals and can provide translations within 24 hours. You can also request urgently services from them if you are in a hurry and they’ll deliver it within a day.

The world may have made you realize that cheap things aren’t good but the situation is not the same in the world of translation. Agencies offering affordable rates are the ones that you should choose. They do projects in bulk and don’t concentrate on tricking their clients for simple projects. And lastly, all the good agencies have good reviews left by their previous clients. If you can find good words about a high-quality language service providing agency online then that’s the agency you should go for. Even if that agency does not have offices in your city, go visit their website and get in touch with them today.

Find the perfect official translation service today by choosing quality and affordability over high claims.

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