5 Ways To Become A Better Writer

Communication is one of the most substantial skills while dealing in any industry. However, what if you do not know much about grammar?

Advancement in technology has enhanced the communicational process while somehow eliminating the traditional communication barriers. It has narrowed down the distances and made the process of keeping in touch with each other around the world relaxed. In all this revolution, the enhancement in ways which human communicate, i.e., verbally, visually and by written means has also changed over time.

One of the key abilities’ employers look for among the fresh hirers is the presentation ability and their communicational skills. Online communication has even eliminated the means to commute to work. Freelancers can do their job sitting at their couch while being in touch with colleagues online.

In order to have more precise goals, a clear communication process is required. A minor error can result in significant misunderstanding, which further can create significant problems. According to the statistics, on an average, a professional receives as well as sends almost 100 of emails in a single day because due to the short attention span, everyone only likes and have time to read the emails which get to the point quickly.

Hence, it is essential that your message must be defining the objective clearly and that it is straightforward. To be better at written communication, you need to be good in writing to converse formally or even writing to a friend.

Let’s look at some ways which can help you to become a better writer with these simple tips.

Establish a habit of daily writing

You might have come across the quote “practice makes perfect” multiple times in your life. Take some of your time out of the day and try to write something in your own words. Free writing enables you to write your ideas or thoughts. You can even write your own daily journal. Concentrate on writing the entries which can help you to grow related to any topic like your goals that you want to pursue in the next two years. Such simple topics could easily maintain the flow of thoughts so you can write in a course.

When you are done with your writing, you can use a free grammar check to see your mistakes and try to avoid those errors the next time write.

Try to read daily

Along with writing daily, an everyday reading habit can help enhance the ability to write. You can observe the writing styles of different authors and can even pick some interesting words on the go that you were not previously aware of.

Be selective in your choices. Go through contents that help you to build up a new point of view or an article that is revealing something new. University research indicated that going through literary fiction and academic journals can increase your capability to write complex projects as compared to the reading of some, particularly straightforward web content.

So, you can take a novel with you and read it whenever you get some free time. Some specific industry blogs also are beneficial to develop excellent writing skills.

Capitalize words wherever it is necessary

Capitalizing words might seem an already learned basic rule of grammar. However, writers still often overshadow the right projections of the words. The following are two kinds of writings you must always look closely while capitalizing the words:

  • Title case

Whenever you are giving a title to a new article or even to a new paragraph of your content, you must start the word with a capital letter to distinguish it. This states that you must use uppercase alphabets in the titles or report, headlines of a blog post, and subject lines of the email.

  • Proper noun

If the word you are writing is an official name of the city, product, person, article, continent, school, country, or any book, you must start with a capital letter. These words indicate a particular person, place or thing name and hence must be capitalized.

Always keep the audience in your mind

You can be informal with your colleagues and friends, but in the case of communicating with clients or management, then you must write formally with proper grammar.

Do not forget that formal does not refer to becoming old fashioned. Instead, it means that you must avoid usage of contraction (it is rather than it’s), select humor carefully, and choose the greeting words wisely as well.

It is quite challenging to deliver the tone of the message in a written manner as compared to talking in person, the formalities which are mentioned above help to make sure that your readers do not feel disgraced.

Read out loud what you have written

Before sending any critical writing, you must read it loudly at least once. It is quite an odd practice; however, reading your work can help you to catch grammar mistakes, awkward phrasing, and typos in writing.

These tips can enable you to enhance your writing as well as communicating skills in a short period.

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