How Much it Costs to Create a Sports Betting App Like Bet365?

Gambling or betting is quite prominent in the sports world. Be it football, rugby, basketball, baseball or tennis, you can find betting everywhere. Many people love the concept of betting, and likewise, some innumerable people hate the idea of betting. You can consider that betting has a love-hate relationship with people. And many companies like Bet365 take full advantage of the love factor. With numerous Bet365 bono (bonuses) available to people, it is gaining a lot of popularity.

In some countries, you will find that betting is legal; on the other hand, some country still considers betting to be illegal. But even, you cannot deny the existence of betting. So, if you are someone who is planning to launch a new betting app, you are in the right place.

Must-have features of the app

If you are about to tailor a betting app, you have to be precise about its features. Proper features will ensure the acceptability of your app. You must include two main features of this app. The first one is the user panel, and the second one is the admin panel. Now, let us look at those features:

User panel

There are numerous features that you must include in your user panel. Without those features, the user panel will be considered incomplete. Here is the list:

  • The login feature should be there.
  • Choose the player or sports.
  • Watching the game live.
  • Info about each player so that one can bet correctly.
  • Providing notifications about match schedules.
  • Include different categories that come with betting.
  • The option of interacting with other betters.
  • Notification about the rank and the final result.
  • Multi-lingual
  • Information about the summary of the match.
  • Make sure to provide offline services too.

Admin panel

The admin panel of your app must also comprise of numerous essential features. Here are the checklist of features:

  • The process of signup.
  • Managing the users.
  • Getting inputs from all the bookies.
  • Management of the payment as well as a prize along with contents.

Steps to take to develop a booking app

To create the desired and optimized booking app, you must take some steps. Here is the list of steps that we are talking about:

  • Provide with sufficient details about the concept of betting.
  • The user interface of the app should be user-friendly.
  • Customize the betting platform.
  • Provide with utmost security without any compromise.

Cost estimation for developing a betting app

While estimating the cost of an app like Bet365, the first that you should consider is the country where you are planning to launch your app. Check more info here on how Bet365 handled its strategy. Next thing that you have to take care of is the platform of your apps like Android or iOS. After that, you can come to the point of estimation.

Well, according to observations and studies, we are concluding a rough estimate of about $30000 to $35000. But, you will get the exact figure after you get the quotation from the app development company that you have hired company.

Well, with the increased usage f internet, it is quite a vibrant fact that the act of betting will increase all over the world. You can place your bet anywhere you want, and you can earn a right amount of money.

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