5 Celebrities Who are Addicted To Poker

Poker is s worldwide famous game. This luxurious game can arrange a vast amount of money for you if you wake up early on your lucky day. Poker is not only popular among gamblers, but it is equally popular among celebrities as well. Many famous personalities around the world have won a significant sum of money in Poker many times.

Today in this topic, we will make you aware of five such celebrities who are addicted to Poker.

Shannon Elizabeth

She is a favorite American fashion model and actress who not only looks good, but also has mature gambling skills. She loves to play only the Poker among all casino games. Some popular casinos in Las Vegas are witnesses of her addiction for Poker. She took part in Poker tournaments such as World Series of Poker (WSOP), and Africa Charity Poker Tournament (ACPT). In 2005, she played with famous poker player Daniel Negreanu in an event, but she lost quickly.

Ray Romano

Another American, Ray Romano is a stand-up comedian. Apart from comedy, he has excellent knowledge of Poker. Romano has been playing every season of World Series of Poker (WSOP) since 2007. Although he did not gain so much success in all the seasons, his popularity cannot be ignored in Las Vegas casinos. He has also participated in poker leagues and tournaments organized by Poker Online Indonesia.

Ben Affleck

Known for his Oscar-winning films, Ben Affleck is a very passionate poker player. He was spotted many times in casinos with his fellow actors and producers. Once after an incident, Ben Affleck claimed to leave gambling, but nobody trusted him. But when he denied taking part in a tournament and kicked off $1 million appearance fees, everybody started believing him.

Victoria Coren Mitchell

Victoria is an English writer and TV presenter. She got popularity after she hosted a quiz show on BBC. She has an excellent poker career with a total winning amount of more than $2.5 million as of now. She also took part in many poker tournaments and leagues. Once she gave her total winning amount in a league for charity.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer is a perfect example of the popular saying, beauty with brain. She has a dangerous combination of good looks and a sharp mind. Jennifer loves to play Poker with her female friends and fellow actresses. She is the only person in our list who has won WOSP bracelet and got more than $7,00,000 as winning amount.

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