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Have you ever wondered about being a romance author? It’s a rewarding hobby that can easily be transformed into a full time career. There’s nothing a satisfying as creating a story out of nothing brings the characters to life in the tale and then sending them to market for others to enjoy too. One of the interesting things to learn about romance authors is that they are no longer called romance books, they are called “beach reads”. I personally like this new term because it’s less smutty.

Romance novels have a reputation of being cheesy and overly dramatic whereas a beach read is a livelier plot with friendship, love, travel, and lots of sub plots worthy of being in a Hallmark Channel movie. They are much more interesting than the previous simple romances a d they don’t always

have predictable plots. I say, it’s about time! Now that the entire industry has evolved, more women especially stay at home moms are wanting to jump on the bandwagon, work from home and become romance author, oh, sorry, I mean “beach read” authors! It’s a realm of authorship that’s always in high demand, women love the beach read, which it is called nowadays, so to see if you want to be a “beach read” author, here’s some tips from Donna on how to get started!

5 Steps to be a romance/ beach read author:

  1. Set the Mood

If you are going to have a plot of love, you need to be in a romantic mood yourself! The best way to set the tone s to take a sensual bubble bath, use candles in your room, imagine your favorite erotic encounter with your husband, wife, friend, whoever, enjoy a vibrator! You can even visualize a steamy sex scene from a movie or fantasize about your favorite hunky celebrity. For this, the products from loveloxy would contribute a great deal to set the perfect mood.

The point is to get your mind in the mood for love and the pen to paper will flow much easier. If you’re not into the whole personal satisfaction thing, just know that even published an article on female sexuality, it’s science and simply studying the functions of the body. It’s okay to enjoy pleasure so don’t be ashamed. It’s not 1950 anymore!

  1. Make a Plot Outline

Simple, single plotted novels don’t sell anymore. Women want more! We like to read about subplots and have other things happen in the story. It’s not just prince charming anymore. Because of this added layer of storytelling, you’ll have to write your plot and intertwine the subplot together at the same time. Lay it our first on a spreadsheet to keep yourself moving in the correct direction.

  1. Set Aside a Regular Time

Making a weekly schedule of when you’ll be writing and stick to it assures that your book will be done on time and you won’t have too many gaps in between your chapters. Try to finish it within a week if possible so that you’re still in the mood of the story.

  1. Laughter Matters!

In our days of increased stress, we don’t always want our romance boos to be heavy and serious. Create laughable moments and funny things, jokes, silly mishaps and such that creates a lively tine. The entire book doesn’t have to be funny, but there should be something that occurs that generates a good laugh.

  1. A Good Setting Counts

Many customers will seek a common theme for their beach read. Pick a setting and create the environment around it such as mountains, a beach, someplace exotic like Costa Rica, pick a specific place and title your book around it so that when people are seeking a certain emotional sensation, they will select yours because it pinpoints what they are looking for. If you want to write about an exotic locale, be sure you’ve traveled there before because if your write about Costa Rica but have never visited, then the reader who has will find your book off putting. It has to be real. Better yet – go there to write! If you are in the actual setting the book will come easier. Don’t have the budget for an international destination? Go camping and write a story about the backwoods, for example. It doesn’t have to be super fancy.

Start small – don’t expect to be an accomplished author overnight. Keep your expectations in check and one day you’ll be published. Expect rejection too, it doesn’t happen overnight. Keep it like a hobby and it will be fun!

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