All You Need to Know About “Tubidy”

Tubidy is a content sharing website where you can share videos and audios in MP4 and MP3 formats. It is developed by Wap Trick and it supports millions of files and transactions. Tubidy is a reliable source of video content sharing and downloading through mobile app and desktop. Users around the world can access this platform in their local language also and can also listen to their local music. Tubidy is a competitive alternative to Youtube. The main difference between the both is that Youtube does not offer to download its content except showing downloaded videos offline through the app, whereas on Tubidy a user can download each available content.

Features of Tubidy

  1. Tubidy contains millions of files in its database but its mobile app does not overtake your storage and mobile data.
  2. A user can download a file in any format. Even a Youtube mp4 file can be converted into an mp3 file on Tubidy.
  3. It is accessible on desktop, mobile, Android and iOS any time you want offline or online.
  4. Tubidy has a feature to build a library, where a user can add thousands of mp3 and mp4 files for long term entertainment.
  5. Downloading and uploading on Tubidy is fast and simple because it is compatible with all major browsers.
  6. Unlike other online video streamers, Tubidy does not need users to get registered. The users can explore the content without the sign up process.
  7. Uploading and downloading on many media file sharing platforms have their respective limits but Tubidy does not have any such limit.

How to Download music from Tubidy 

Downloading music from Tubidy is very simple. There are few instructions given below which will guide you in a better way to download music from this platform. Go through the instructions step by step to dive into the world of entertainment media.

  • Open the link from your desktop or mobile browser.
  • Once you opened the link, you will see a search bar. There are some video below the search bar, you can either download one of them or download after searching a video by typing the video title in the search bar.
  • After typing a search, you will see many results.
  • Select the relevant search which meets your song and tap on the download link.
  • After tapping download link, you will be asked for the format. Choose the desired format to complete downloading.

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