3 Reasons to choose SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

SEO is necessary for your website so that the users on the internet can find your page. This is why you need the search engine optimization in place, and the themes that you select for your websites can have proper SEO outcomes, and that is why you should choose these SEO friendly WordPress themes. These themes are not only attractive, but it directly enables your site to be recognized on the internet, involving a greater number of visitors on your website. From this article, you will gather about the requirements that the Word Press themes need to meet.

Here are three reasons to choose SEO friendly themes for websites –

The Social media Integration

You need to know about social media integration when you are selecting an item from WordPress. Social media is not a part of search engine optimization, but it is an integral channel to acquire the site traffic, which is interrelated with SEO. You need to make sure that the WordPress theme has options, which you can link to the social media platforms like – Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google plus. As you might be aware of WordPress being a Platform for blogging and you need to check whether you can share the information on Social media.


You will require a few added tools, no matter how well the theme is optimized for the search engines to recognize it. There are plugins such a – Google Analytics, WP optimize, WP smush, Broken link checker, Google XML site maps, The all in One SEO pack, The W3 Total cache, Broken link checker and a few more. These plugins are useful in boosting your websites and increase the ranking of your page.

The structure

The architecture of your website and the way the pages are linked together are an essential part of the planning. There are internal links and content along with the well-structured navigation as well. This will also increase the visitor’s experience and help them find information more quickly. You need to pay attention to the layout structure of your WordPress theme. SEO friendly ideas are structured to perform better, and they can help you to be recognized on the internet.

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