All You Need to Know About Periodic Table of Elements

We all have studied Periodic Table in our school days. But this is the time to freshen up the old school memories again. The Periodic table is also known as Mendeleev’s tabel periodik, a table, which contains information about all the chemical elements present on our earth.

It was created by Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869. Although there were other creations of the elements’ tables, Mendeleev’s table is considered as a patent. Mendeleev placed all the elements according to their chemical properties which makes his table unique and popular than the others.

Structure of the Periodic Table

The structure of the Periodic table is not complex and one can understand it easily. The table contains 117 elements, placed according to the differences in their chemical properties. Out of 117 elements, 94 are natural and 24 were created by humans through chemical reactions. The elements are both metals and non-metals. Metal elements are placed left and non-metal elements are placed on the right side of the Periodic table. Elements are also placed in increasing atomic number order in rows and columns. Within every field or box, each element’s symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass is written for an easy understanding.

Chemical Classification of the Elements

The chemical elements in the Periodic table are classified into three types namely Groups, Period, and Blocks. Groups are the most significant classification, where elements of the same properties are placed in vertical column positions. Periods are also the same as the Groups except the elements of similar properties are placed in the position of the horizontal rows. Blocks are the elements outside the Periodic table which have different properties.

Location and Properties of Elements

Location of an element in the table is according to the other elements’ trends of chemical properties of its Group and Period. Hence the property of a particular element can be predicted by its location in the table. Students are advised by the teachers to remember the location and trends of chemical properties of each element present in the table. Chemical properties of the elements are generally those electrons which wander in valence shell of an atom.

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