What is FutureOn?

FutureOn is a popular name in the world of oilfield industry known for providing digital technology solutions for the subsea sector of the oil and gas industry. With the use of modern web and cloud technologies, FutureOn has played a significant role to digitize the oilfield world. It has developed innovative, efficient and cost-effective technology solutions to help customers see more possibilities for their assets.

FieldAP – First Online Collaboration Tool

The company, FutureOn stepped into the global market with its first online collaboration tool, FieldAP. This tool has made it easier for offshore project managers to visualize, digitize and cooperate on field development on every type of geographical location. The digital technology introduced by FutureOn has been taken to use by the exploration and development companies in different corners of the world. With the help of this technology, it is possible today to save both the time as well as cost on a given Oldfield project.

Boosts Accuracy by Introducing Software Tools

The Oilfield industry has got a big boost in increasing its accuracy because of the various software tools introduced by FutureOn. In addition to increasing the accuracy, the advanced software introduced by the company has played a crucial role in increasing the profitability of the oilfield industry. It has become easier for various oil companies to give accurate results while analyzing data. Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) applications, multiphase sensors, multilateral completions, and down-hole separation are some of the tools which have been introduced by FutureOn.

2019 OTC Spotlight on New Technology Award Winner

FutureOn is the only digital solution provider which has won 2019 OTC Spotlight on New Technology award. The company was credited with this award because of its innovative technology for the future of offshore development. Due to the recognization of its cloud-based, collaboration application FieldAP, the award was given to the company. The entire team of FutureOn worked hard in collaboration with offshore industry experts to build a platform to help visualize the field data in 3D.

The company has revealed that its entire team will work efficiently to build applications related to pipelines, marine planning, operations, and safety. It will work to find solutions for real industry problems and help in finding new opportunities to better subsea fields.

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