How Social Media is a great place to sell Vaping Products

After the launch of the internet in the 1990s, the world turned into a global village. The Internet changed the entire world in ways we are still to witness. In the initial phases of its launch, the internet was used for official communications between governments, government institutions and businesses but the launch of social media platforms, later in the decade, marked a new era of communication and entertainment. The first recognized social media site, Six Degrees, was created in 1997 and then there was no looking back. LinkedIn gained prominence in the early 2000s, YouTube in 2005, Facebook and Twitter in 2006 and there is a never-ending list.

Use of Social Media by Businesses

Ever since the launch of social media platforms, its popularity has gained considerably year by year. According to the Global Digital Report 2019, the number of social media users worldwide in 2019 is 3.484 billion. The reach of social media platforms is so huge and widespread that it is practically impossible to ignore its impact on businesses and consumers. Social Media Marketing has become an integral part of every business’ marketing strategy. Social media marketing does not only provide businesses with widespread global outreach, but it is also a relatively inexpensive mode of advertising.  Businesses today cannot afford to ignore this wonderful platform if they intend to stay relevant in the market.

THC Vape Juice Business

From a time when marijuana was used to intoxicate wild animals, to classy THC Vaping pens, the Cannabis industry has made huge advancements. In the modern day world of Cannabis, THC Vape Juice is the new rock star. THC vaping is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis these days. THC vaping is the heating of cannabis and related components like diluent, terpenes, into fine vapor which the user consumes. This form of cannabis consumption is considered to be much safer than traditional smoking and provides a more customized high. Terpenes provide you with a wide variety of flavors while diluents help you control the consistency of your juice.

The increasing demand for THC Vape Juice has attracted a lot of media attention, as well as financial investments. Though THC Vape Juice sale is only allowed in certain states where marijuana consumption for leisure is allowed, but the rise in the vaping trend in these states has made the business a lucrative investment.

Social Media Marketing for THC Vaping Products

Like any other business, THC Vaping businesses have the potential to extract huge financial gains from social media marketing. It is important to note here that many Social media platforms do not allow paid advertisement of marijuana products, but this hurdle cannot stop marijuana businesses to exploit the opportunity social media offers.

Some of the ways THC Vaping Products can benefit from Social Media are as follows:

1. Expand the Product Reach

No one knows about a product you are making behind closed doors unless you tell people, and social media provides just that platform. Most Social Media Platforms offer free business pages and all you have to do is make a page and post your product pictures regularly. Writing a blog and linking it to your social media page can also spread the word.

2. Creating a Brand Name

Even though THC Vaping is a relatively new trend but still there are a lot of competitors striving hard to get a chunk of the market. In this cut-throat competition, your business needs to create its brand name and convince the consumer that your products and business is substantially better than others operating in the market. Social Media Marketing can help Vaping businesses create their brand name and get recognition and familiarity among the masses.

3. Customer Loyalty

Once you have created an awareness of your product and brand, then comes the most important part; Earning Customer Loyalty. Customer loyalty to your brand is the only thing that can guarantee your prolonged existence in the market. When a social media user follows your page, he is giving you a chance to make him a customer for life. All you have to do is not mess it up. Social Media allows businesses an opportunity to interact with their customers, value their opinions, cater to their needs and be responsive. This interaction can go a long way in earning customer loyalty.

4. Chance to Generate & Increase Sales

A vaping product lying in your shop will definitely have a lower probability of sale as compared to the one posted on the internet. The trend of online shopping is on the rise and so is the probability of making the most out of social media platforms. A virtual shop on the internet has the potential to generate more sales than an actual shop in the market.

5. Find the Right Social Network

Unlike print or electronic media, social media offers an opportunity for businesses to focus on their target markets. Find out where your potential customers are and interact with them. THC Vaping Businesses can also collaborate with social media celebrities who endorse their brands and thus reach out to thousands of marijuana users.

6. Present Products Creatively

Posting pictures and content on social media is mostly free, so at times businesses go overboard with the quantity at the cost of quality, which can create a negative impact. Vaping businesses can attract customers through the quality of their post; how beautifully products are presented and how artistically content is written. It is important to remember, viewers cannot feel the “state” your product can take them to, they will just respond to the visuals and content.


Today social media has become the single largest platform to reach out to billions of users. More than one-fifth of the world’s population uses Facebook, Snapchat users share roughly 9,000 photos every second, YouTube has wider coverage than any television network in the US. These facts are a testimony to the potential social media offers for any and every business. Vaping businesses can extract huge financial gains from this platform, just by clicking the right buttons. All it takes is a concentrated effort to run an effective social media marketing campaign, and the opportunities are limitless.

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