How Google Voice Search is Helping Online Casinos Seize Opportunities?

iGaming has its complexities, not only trying to jump through the burning hoops of laws and regulations but to compete in a dog eat dog industry which is all about product and services.

There is a digital marketing model that is believed to formulate the four key principles of any online casino.

  1. The technical aspects.
  2. The branding and PR activities.
  3. The customer’s experience.
  4. The paid service.

Is this, however, on the verge of collapse given the modern SEO landscape we find ourselves in?

Improving the Organic Performance of an Online Casino

With the market for online iGaming expanding nearly 20% in the space of a year since 2018, it will only become more cluttered with new providers looking to take advantage of such a lucrative system. So, the question needs to be raised about how are online casinos able to gain an advantage over their competitors? The answer is through new technologies and opportunities.

Google first developed its voice search system back in 2010, at the time exciting but soon became obsolete and cumbersome. Nine years later and the technology equals that of science fiction standards yet plays an integral role in people modern-day lives. The software has the ability to pick up natural language, complex search queries and long-tail search requests, enabling more relevant results.

The result of this means online casinos not only get more successful hit rates but they are able to manipulate their website to pick up more natural keyword speech which is entirely different to how past SEO strategies worked. This, in turn, will result in affiliates like, to join the technological advancement so would-be players can find for them the best reputable online casinos in Finland should they wish to play slots or live dealer games.

Making Casino Content Relevant to Voice Queries 

As we are all aware, Amazon’s Alexa device is perhaps the most thought of tool when it comes to voice recognition. Alexa runs from the Bing search engine. This is the same for Window devices, though weaker than Google in traditional search terms, it is never-the-less a market to pay attention to.

The Microsoft voice search runs off an average of 7 to 8 words within the given query, the shorted the keywords used the more concise the search and yields better results. Online casinos would, therefore, need to produced focus content which, in turn, will help to expose the brand to new customers and boost their relevance on the search engine list.

Optimizing the Online Casino 

So, what are the now new VEO strategies to meet current voice engine optimizations?

  1. Business Listings: Keep your business listings striped of non-essential data.
  2. Speed: User want immediate results and therefore, your site must upload within 3 seconds or under.
  3. New Content: Focusing text toward questions because this is how the devices are primarily used, by asking it questions not focusing on keywords alone.
  4. Provide the Customers the Answers: Give the content purpose and provide the answers to the questions you pose i.e. Q: “is roulette fun to play?” A: “There are many variants roulette that players find fun, these include…etc”
  5. Testing: Be sure to test the process through multiple devices to see which yield the more successful results, be it smart speakers or mobile, Google or Alexa.

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