3 Countries where IT Services are Popular

Information technology of a country shows how much the nation is economically stable and how the other countries would react with it on an international level. Currently, there are 148 countries which are offering quality IT services to generate economic growth and improve the lifestyle of their citizens. There are also a few countries which topped the list and provide IT services to other countries due to their advanced approach to the information and communication technology. Here are three countries whose IT services are worldwide famous.


For the second consecutive year, Finland topped the list. Global Information Technology report says that outstanding digital infrastructure of Finland is beyond the words and the country is sharing its innovative cyber technology ideas with other countries too. Almost 90% of people in Finland use the Internet, and IT companies are handling their cybersecurity with outstanding digital technology. There are very rare cases of the ransomware threat in the country due to the secure services of the IT companies.


Chicago city near the Michigan lake is the hub of IT services in Illinois. Though it is a part of the small state, Chicago is hosting the website of many national and international businesses. The state has been driven by improvements in entrepreneurship, better skills training, and well developed IT infrastructure. IT Services in Chicago provide on-demand solutions, network setup, network security, database management, and cloud computing. All these services of Chicago make Illinois a well digitally developed state among all US states.

South Korea

South Korea’s economic development depends mainly upon Information and communication technology. The country provides IT services to many national and international companies around the world. South Korea’s government was ranked number one to provide IT services to national and international customers. The country keeps bringing innovative ideas to make data more secure as recent time has shown us many cases of cyber threats. Multilayer protection of network was the bringing of South Korea, which every IT company is using to avoid malware attacks and window malfunctions.

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