3 IT Services Every Business Needed

Whether you outsource your business IT department or manage it yourself, there are few IT services which are mandatory for every business. Receiving IT services from an IT company can provide you work efficiency, reduce cost, and can also prevent hard to recover issues. But three services which you should demand personally from your outsourcing IT company are given below.

Data Backup

Possibility of ransomware threat has increased in recent years. Before cyber attackers lock your data, including important files, it is necessary to back up your data. Losing data means you are losing your business. Though it depends upon how much information you missed and what kind of information was that. Sometimes a small data loss can cost you for a long time. Imagine how hard it will be when you lose your project files and upcoming missions. So, ask for a comprehensive data backup solution from your IT professional. Ransomware is not the only reason for data loss, but there are many other reasons too behind it.

Network Security

Due to the rush of nasty viruses and random hackers from across the world, your business is always in a worry to get trapped. If you are a small business runner, then it becomes a much severe issue for you, because 43% of cyber threats target small businesses. When a cyber threat attacks your business, many numbers of things start happening, including your reputation going down, money getting wasted, and the business facing a tough time. So partner with a company like Pittsburgh IT Company, which can make a multi-layered network security solution to tackle any cyber attack. Multi-layered network security also updates your IT department section with anti-malware, anti-spam, and firewalls.

Managed IT Services

Hardware and software are the most critical components for a business to perform online. If both of them get malfunctioned, then it creates an avalanche of problems including reduced employees morale, increased IT budget, customer dissatisfaction, and downtime of the business. With the help of managed IT service, hardware and software malfunctions become a past thing. Managed IT service provides hardware maintenance, proactive network monitoring, and automatic patches. And at the end of the day, your business avoids downtime and improve efficiency.

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