Email Validation vs Email Verification – What’s the Difference?

Maybe the distinction between email verification and email validation seems trivial, but they are entirely different processes. We know that it creates some confusion amongst various users. And for that reason, we are about to ease out the confusion by delivering you with the fundamental differences between email verification and email validation. Therefore, to know more, you have to carry on with your reading.


Verification is the process where the user evaluates the product during the development phase. By this, they determine whether they have met the specific requirements or not. And for this, there are several email verifier tools that assist in meeting the requirements.

Validation, on the other hand, is the process where the user evaluates the software after he or she is done with the process of development. It helps them to determine whether the software is compatible with the customer requirements as well as expectations.


The objective of the verification is to make sure of the fact that the product is being made according to the design specifications as well as the requirements.

The objective of the validation is to determine the fact that the product is compatible with the user’s requirement and acknowledge whether the specifications were accurate in the first place.


Activities that are involved with the email verification are meetings, reviews and inspections.

And in the case of validation, the activities that are involved are the different types of testing like the white box testing, black-box testing, grey box testing etc.


The QA team conducts the process of verification. They check whether the implementation software is crafted according to the specification document.

The testing team takes care of the validation.

Items evaluated

Numerous items are assessed during the time of verification. Some of the items that the verification process evaluates are requirement specifications, plans, design specifications, test cases, codes and numerous other things.

Well, at the same time, validation only evaluates one item. And the item that it estimates is the software under test or the actual product.

Cost of errors

Compared to the validation, the cost of failure is less during the verification.

On the other hand, the cost of errors is less during the verification.


  • Both validations, as well as verification, are significant and balance each other.
  • Each of them gets a different error filter.
  • Both of these processes are used to determine defects in different ways.

So, these are the fundamental differences between email verification as well as email validation.

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