Sony Recently Hiked The Tariff Of Its Internet TV Services By $5

Sony recently announced that to support the recent rise in the TV program cost, the company will escalate the price for its Playstation Vue internet pay-TV services by a margin of 5 USD a month.  The new tariff will be applicable for the new users with effect from 1st July 2019, while for the existing users, the new rates will come into action after 31st July. Considering the fact that the extent of escalation of price was by a significant extent, for the type of services involved, it is to observe, how existing and new clients are going to react to these changes.

Sony actually followed up its price revision made at the same point last year

It was in July last year that Sony had once escalated its price for the same service by the same margin. So, in a span of a year since July 2018, the company opted for a price escalation twice. The fact is, the second price revision came up, immediately after Sony renewed its agreement for carriage with Discovery, Warnermedia, AMC Networks as well as NBC Universals. So, even if the price has been escalated, there is something significant in return for the subscribers to enjoy. Thus, it is likely that the latest escalation in the monthly subscription fee will not be a barrier in the path of the popularity and demand for this service. Compare TV and internet now (internet en tv vergelijken) to check the latest prices.

Sony equals the tariff presently charged by its closest competitors

After the latest price revision, Sony will be charging its subscribers at the same rate at which Youtube and Direct Tv are charging for their basic service packages. For all these parties, the rate for their basic service packages will be 49.99 USD a month. As for the subscribers for the advanced packages, the rates will vary between 54.99 and 84.99 USD a month.

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It is not that Sony is the only party that escalated its subscription fee. Rather, in recent times, all other major providers of Virtual-pay TV services have escalated their tariff to some extent. So, it is just a trend that Sony followed, and it establishes the fact that the cost of TV programming has been rising consistently in the recent past. As per a blog post from a company regarding the price hike, it was inevitable to retain the existing standard of services, and subscribers can expect good value, as they will have access to more than 650 broadcasting stations.

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