How to Measure your Vertical Jump at Home?

The vertical jump is a way that showcases the power of your legs. To be more precise, it helps the coaches and trainers to determine how much energy and explosiveness your lower body has. Well, there are numerous ways to measure vertical jump. Some technologies will help you to measure your vertical jump. There are programs too, like vertical jump program for the same. But what if you don’t require technology which can show you the results of your vertical jump? Well, you don’t have to bother as there is a method by which you can measure your vertical jump without any technology.

Things that you will need to measure your vertical jump

You can consider this technique to be the easiest and convenient ways to measure the height of your vertical jump. The things that you will require to measure your vertical jump are:

  • A tape to measure.
  • Chalk
  • A wall with a high ceiling.

Process of performing the jump test

To conduct this test, you have to follow some steps. And after that, you can measure the height of your vertical jump. You can also visit websites like higherverticaljump to get some help regarding the same. So, here are the steps that you have to follow:

  • Use chalk or a marker to mark the tips of your fingers so that it can stick to the wall after you touch it.
  • Stand beside the wall, straight up and touch the wall by raising your hands.
  • Make sure that you are reached the highest point possible while keeping your feet on the ground.
  • That mark will be considered as your standing point.
  • Next, stand next to the wall and jump the highest possible length.
  • While jumping, when you will reach the highest possible point, touch that point and make a mark.

Now, you can consider this mark as your vertical jumping mark. After that, you have to measure the length of your jump.

Measurement and calculation

Here is how to do the calculation:

  • Bring the measuring tape and use it to measure the difference between the standing point and the jumping point.
  • After that, you have to measure the distance of your vertical jump from the ground.

Once you go these two numbers on the board, you have to apply this formula to get the results:

Vertical jump height= Vertical jump reach-Standing reach

So, if you use this formula, you can get the result of the measurement.

Therefore, this is the way by which you can measure your vertical jump without using any equipment.

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