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It’s very important for your SEO strategy to work hard and find the best way to learn from your competition. This is one of the best link building methods out there and it can deliver some great results as long as you use it adequately. You can find all competitors backlinks without a problem if you use a tool like SEO SpyGlass. First you have to start the app and load a new project.


Then you need to change to the Domain Comparison Module, select the Add Domains option. Now you will need to add the competitors and then hit OK!


Once you do that you will see how things work for you when compared to the competition. You will also get to see the reasons why your competition is stronger than you as well. And that can be a great learning experience!


Once you know what has to be improved when it comes to backlinks, you need to use Link Intersection. This tool allows you to figure out what backlinks you have in common with the competition. Use Prospective Domains from the drop-down menu of the left side, and then you can easily come up with new backlink sources. This is one of the best methods you can use to acquire new backlinks and it’s totally worth the effort every time, just give it a shot and you will enjoy it quite a bit! Use this option to find all competitors backlinks, as it will help a lot!


2. Share guests posts to local websites

Content marketing is evergrowing and it works better than ever right now. Granted, creating guests posts is no small feat, but it allows you to boost traffic, bring in a new audience and also boost your online visibility. You do need to research the best opportunities, and LinkAssistant helps you. You just need to find the best search method.

It’s important to go for some local blogs, just to be safe. Start the app, click on Preferences and then choose Personalization. Select the Project Preferences option and then hit the Search Engine Settings.


At this point you want to move to settings alongside the chosen search engine, select your region and then Apply. You will need to give this a shot name, then press OK!


Now it’s a good idea to collect some new guest posting opportunities. Go to Prospects, select the Guest Posting option that you can use as a search method, and then you can go with Next.


Insert a few keywords that are relevant for your niche. Choose the desired custom search engine and add it in the search engine field.


Now you want to hit finish, leave the settings intact. The app will need a bit of time to collect the guest posting ideas, so let it take a bit to complete this. You should write a good post with some links to the site and then send it to editors. LinkAssistant allows you to send them an email directly from within the app.

With Rank Tracker you can easily manage up to 10 sites in a single project. Usually they need to be a part of the same type of project and idea for it to work.

You can add competition tracking simply by creating a new project, selecting Preferences/Competitors and then you can add or suggest competitors.



In case you are adding, you will be requested to add the URL, include a short name, choose a color label and then adjust the rank and reporting settings for this to work. You can also edit this later, be it the short name, color and settings if you want to!




In case you are clicking Suggest, the wizard requires you to include some keywords as that will help it find the best competitors. Changing the target search engine can be an option here.



Rank Tracker runs all the results and then it will share the list of competitors. Here you can choose up to 10 sites and track competitors’ keywords!



After you added competitors to the project, you can check rankings for them. This is great because it allows you to find all competitors’ backlinks, see the current positions, right in the SE rank columns (as well as the ranking pages in the SE URL Found columns).



You can click the Show Competitors button as this will help adjust the competitor list. It will only affect the workspace view, but if you want you can click Manage Competitors and disable some or all of them.

In Rank Progress > Progress Graph you can also select the checkbox for any competitor so you can see their progress in the graph!


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