Top UX Companies in 5 Tech Hubs in the U.S.

So Silicon Valley is known as the center for high technology and innovative ideas. If people are curious what the future looks like, Silicon Valley is the closest peek to that. It is located in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is home to over three dozen Fortune 1000 companies. Thousands of start-ups also call Silicon Valley home. Of course, many wound want to start tech businesses like user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) at the heart of the technological world in the tech era.

Not all businesses, though, want to compete in an already saturated area. While Silicon Valley remains the top tech hub in the world, there are others around the U.S.—spreading the wealth so to say—or in this case, spreading the knowledge and the technology. Here are the top American tech hubs and the top UI UX companies.

New York City UX companies never sleep

New York City is known by many names: The Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, the Center of the Universe, among many others.  It is one of the most populous cities in the world and a melting pot at that. It is the center of culture, finance and the media. So it makes sense that it is also an all-important tech hub that is a hotbed for software development and digital products.

Beyond ( creates beautiful experiences through design and technology. Located in New York, it aims to transform the world and make it a better place through new digital products and services. The company is an expert in user research to determine the design methods that will positively impact customers. A development company that offers sustainable solution, among Beyond’s most important clients are Google, Gap and Warner Bros.

Portland grows into a competitive design-centered city

The City of Roses is slowly becoming a city known for its UX companies. In fact, the city has its own Silicon Valley known as Silicon Forest, which is a cluster of high-tech companies in the Portland metropolitan area. Among the noted companies with offices in the Silicon Forest are Airbnb, Amazon Web Services, Apple Inc., EPSON, Google, IBM, among others.

Among the digital agencies with an office in Portland is Work & Co. It is one of the best digital agencies in the country that designs and develops digital products. It also keeps an office in New York City. It also has offices in other parts of the world: Brazil, Denmark and Serbia. Among its overseas outputs are a digital store, platform, mobile app and artificial intelligence tool. Among its American clientele are Apple, Virgin America, Chase, Planned Parenthood, among others.

The client list is long and reputable. Among the things they have in common are valuable user experience design, aesthetically splendid UI design and interactive-designed website. These are tasks handled by top UI UX design providers.

Impressive skyline and designs at the Windy City

Chicago is one of the most culturally rich and diverse cities in the world. Despite a sometimes harrowing weather, Chicago continues to be a popular home among tech companies. There are over 5,000 technology-based businesses in the city, a lot of which are into web design, mobile application and service design, among others.

There is a top UX design and development firm in the city known as Codal, which boasts of Pepsi, Intuit and United Airlines as its top clients. Codal believes in empowering companies through UI UX design. That is also one of the more important reasons why businesses should consider design firms to work on their website and mobile app. UI UX design agencies help startups get notice and attract clients through convenient user experience and enticing user interface. Once clients start appreciating the business, and this appreciation is translated into market, the business—no matter how small it is—becomes empowered.

Austin is weird and proud of it

As the capital of Texas, Austin enjoys the slogan “Keep Austin Weird.” The city enjoys a lively eclectic scene with lots of music and art. But there is another thing that Austin is known for: tech companies including full-service design businesses. And just like Portland, Austin has its own Silicon Valley counterpart called Silicon Hills. Similarly, the area is the name of the cluster of high-tech companies in the Austin metropolitan area. Among the popular companies with offices in Austin are Adobe Inc., Amazon, Dell, Dropbox, PayPal and even Facebook.

Slide UX, based in Austin, ensures that businesses have websites and mobile applications that are always in good form, beautiful and optimized. That is the very objective of the user interface and user experience. Among its important clients are AT&T, UPS, Harvard and many others.

San Francisco is big enough for various digital agencies

Silicon Valley may be known as the top tech hub as if it is its own city. In a way, it is its own community, but it is actually part of San Francisco. But there are other places in San Francisco that hone start-ups and tech businesses. San Francisco is big enough to accommodate a number of tech companies, design firms, etc.

Ramotion, a digital product agency, specializes in web, mobile and UI/UX. The chief executive officer of Groupon, Andrew Mason, describes Ramotion: “They’re very responsive and go above and beyond to meet our needs. We continue working with them, which is the best sign of our satisfaction.” Among its other popular clients are Netflix, Mozilla and Salesforce.

A tech hub is a community that puts prime importance on innovation and technology. Other tech hubs in the world include Vancouver and Toronto in Canada, London and Manchester in the U.K., Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, as well as Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris. UI and UX provide the framework of a better technological experience. As the world moves forward and continues to advance technologically, so did the digital design process. This is why businesses need to invest in design services in order to be more competitive. Companies that stay stagnant will be left behind.

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