Top Hacks for Better Website Conversion

A website with zero conversions is as good as not having a website at all. This doesn’t mean you should give up on your website if you haven’t gotten any conversion from it as of recent. Ultimately, if you have a good product or services that add incredible value that’s high in demand, you shouldn’t have any issues with converting website visitors to leads, however, there are some simple ways to optimize your website to encourage lead acquisitions in situations where potential customers would have left. Some of these hacks are used by this company that’s great at web design in Nigeria.

Make use of Video

Having a video on your website can increase the time spent by website visitors. While this has been proven to work overtime, this puts pressure on the content of your video. We all have a short attention span and would only watch videos that interest us. This is why you need to ensure that your video has enough value that is presented in an interesting way.

Make your content more interactive

What do you mean by interactive content you may ask? Interactive content is exactly what you think it would be. Any content form that is specifically designed to have the website visitor take an action that influences how the content is experienced is interactive content. It involves a lot of multimedia content engineered to trigger a reaction from the visitor. You can decide to have a game or interactive ebook as your interactive content.

Optimize your Calls to Action

For the most part, the call-to-action button is what the mind goes to when you talk about a website’s call-to-action. When you start off with a call to action, it’s proactive to change what it says and how it appears from time to time to compare which converts more. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to make any call to action on your website as visible as possible.

Create a sense of urgency

The fear of missing out is a real thing. If you have a great offer up on your page, putting up a time limit to create urgency is a clever way to encourage people to take action quickly. The trick with this technique is to stick to your word and sparingly create urgency or scarcity.

Improve your page load speed

Your website visitors don’t have time for your website to load in 1 minute. If it takes more than a few seconds for your website to load, you need to use tools like Google page speed insight to find out what’s slowing down your site. After this, tell your website developer to fix all recommendations to optimize your website speed.

Avoid Cluster

This is 2019. Your website shouldn’t look like one that was designed in 1999. Spacing out the content on your website and cleverly using negative spacing ( white spaces) in strategic places on your website must be done if you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors.

Use a human face

Yes. Using a photo with a human face tends to draw an emotional connection from people. You can take this further by including testimonials alongside the faces to show your visitors that people just like them have subscribed to using your products or services and are loving it.

Optimize for Mobile

More people than ever in the history of the world now access the internet through their mobile devices. When building a website, it’s a top priority to design for mobile. One way of bleeding away conversion is having a website that isn’t mobile responsive. In whatever you do, make sure your website experience on mobile is top-notch as most people would interact with it on mobile.

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