Why is it important to Regularly check your site for Broken Links?

On the internet, a high number of websites are available which contain a lot of links which are used for getting data from reliable sources. And many websites also have broken links due to which they face the problem in ranking well. The presence of broken links not only affects the ranking of a website but it also decreases its reputation in the eyes of a user. Hence, a proper check is required to detect the broken links and remove them from the website forever. Below we have enlisted the reasons for the need to check a site for broken links.

Affect the SEO of the Website

Search engines place the high authority website on top of the search results. It is important for a website to contain the proper link and there should not be any presence of a broken link. If a number of links on a website give 404 error then it simply affects the SEO of a website on a large scale. Hence, it is important for a web developer to ensure that the links work properly to ensure their high ranking on the search engine.

Reduce Credibility

A lot of visitors visit every website on a daily basis to look for information related to their work. It is important for a website to provide an excellent user experience to the users in order to make them visit again. If broken links are present on a given website then it would simply decrease the credibility of a website which would decrease its ranking on the search engine. Hence, it is important to check broken links using a free broken link checker and it will play a crucial role in increasing the traffic on a given website.

Impact the Conversion Rate

It is important for a website to remove all the broken links in order to increase the conversion rate. The websites which have correct URLs for their web pages get high traffic due to the high conversion rate. It is the professionalism that matters when it comes to ensuring a high conversion rate. Due to the broken links on a website, the visitors don’t prefer to visit that site again which simply affects the conversion rate of a given website and reduce the number of visitors on that website.


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