How to Create Classified Website on WordPress

More and more people are using the internet now, and classified sites are among the most visited websites across all search engines. The classified websites include different products such as real estates, beauty products, employment and matrimonial. All these items are promoted with a particular heading and little messages. Web experts are earning huge revenue from classified websites. If you have wide coverage on all these classified things then it is a good idea to put your coverage on a website to earn great revenue. Below are some effective tips about how to make a classified website.

Pick Domain Name and Theme

First of all, choose a domain name which will suit your brand. The domain name should be short and easy to remember. Then decide an extension like “.com” which could match with your country’s particular extension. After that, you can register your domain on a website host like WordPress. It is best to choose WordPress to manage your website content because it has several premium themes that are the best to make the kind of directory you need. You do not need any deep coding work with WordPress. Alternatively, you can visit LeoList for a broad overview of the classified brand.

Make Pages and Manage Menus

The classified website needs a collection of several pages to spread all the information effectively. The themes are already composed of various pages. You can add your content on those pages after opening them. To make your pages more attractive, move to the widget section in the appearance menu to change the sidebar widget of the pages. Basically, a website’s menu is very complicated to manage but WordPress has made it simple. To manage them, visit the dashboard, select the Menus option to pop up the menu editor. Here you can create, delete and customize your menus.

Add Items in Menus and Link Pages

Further, you need to add links to your menus, find the panel entitled pages to select the View All link that will open the present shared pages on your site. Choose the pages that you want to include by tapping checkbox of each page. Further, tap the button to add the menu and save the menu once you have added all the items. To add classified on your website go to the dashboard to choose the classified menu and add the information.

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