Facebook and Privacy Violations

Over the last couple of years Facebook has been at the centre of a few scandals regarding privacy violations and sharing personal data of users with third parties. According to their statement regarding data breach, Facebook has finally accepted the blame. That is the reason why the company has decided to rename its other services (Instagram and WhatsApp) to be more transparent regarding the name of the company. From now on, the services will be called Instagram from Facebook and WhatsApp from Facebook. The idea is to bring all three services under one big Facebook brand. What is more, Facebook wants to show that they are able to create and develop services that have a favorable reputation as well in order to regain their positions on the market.

All three apps are extremely popular all over the world. Pretty much every student at college or university uses Facebook to connect with friends and classmates. What is more, it is not uncommon for an academy teacher to use this social media platform to share academic resources. Thus, it has become a useful instrument in the field of education as well. However, there are more and more cases when a student challenges the company such as Facebook by asking it to provide the exact personal data it has shared with others. Young people understand how important it is to make certain your privacy is not violated, especially in the digital era we live in. That is why, a lot of them are taking a stand. Some students even delete their accounts forever as a form of protest.

However, Facebook is definitely not the only service on the planet that has violated the privacy of its users or used their personal data to gain some revenue. You may not even know how data are being used simply because the majority of us never bother to read the terms of conditions. Yet, it does not give these services the right to use our data in any way they want. The most common types of privacy violations are as follows: sharing your personal data with third parties, sharing your location data, using APIs that sometimes leads to privacy violations, using specific keywords when searching for information in a browser and being redirected to a fake website or some scam.

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We live in an era when sharing information about us has become rather common. We upload pictures on instagram, specify the location of the hotel where we are staying, as well as provide a lot of personal data to create a social media account. However, it does not mean that the service that we use on a daily basis has the right to use our data without even telling us. Because of Facebook scandal, more people started to think about the amount of personal data they have already provided, as well as have become more careful online in general. What is more, more people want to know if there are any cases of privacy violations in regards to the services they use. The idea is to make services provide a more transparent report when it comes to the personal information they gather and share.

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