What good ideas can be Implemented During the Online Advertising?

It is said that over 60% of Facebook users who pay for their commercial in this social network do not feel the effective result of reaching the audience. Definitely, why to spend money on advertising, which can reach no one from its tremendous 2.2 billion population? For comparison – China, the most populated country in the world, only has 1.6 billion citizens.

Fortunately, there are ways to withdraw oneself from this 60%. We are considering some of them below.

Lack of understanding of content marketing

Lack of experience and lack of cash flow to arrange an advertising campaign are also added to lack of understanding how and what to advert – and in what type (video, banner, textual, gifs, white papers, and so on). The regular sales funnel says that from all people who want to buy anything, 75% are looking for preliminary information, 23% are comparing, and only 2% are buying. It is best to have different campaigns with differing goals and destined for different parts of your audience.

No planning

Many people start campaigns without the understanding of goals to reach, metrics to measure the success or failure of the campaign, or any planning – what to do in different scenarios. Often, people who start right on Facebook, which does not have a lot of practical help to define goals, fail. If they would have started an ad campaign in Google Ads, where a ton of metrics is used to define the goals and success, they felt much easier to make planning. Often, people also do not seek advice from any expert of the field, even from a freelancer, to plan the campaign not only in their heads but also in terms of numbers and technical connections. And so when it comes to such indicators as CPC, CPM, and others, they simply don’t know what these are.

Not enough time

If you are the owner of a small business, you may not have enough free time to do an essential part of your job, not speaking about advertising. But if you feel that you have the lesser inflow of customers and your incomes drop, you have to make advertising efforts to gain them back. It is impossible to be busy without clients – or otherwise, this is ain’t a business, this is a hobby. Unpaid hobby.

To avoid a ‘hobby-thing’ situation, you have to give enough time to think through, elaborate, set up and monitor your ad campaign. Not enough time spent on advert often causes failures or, at least, eating-up of the marketing budget without any surplus. According to the poll of Manta company done in April 2017, 58% of ad campaign runners spend on it lesser than 1 hour per week – no wonder that you have to be an absolutely lucky guy to succeed with such low time spent usefully. And it is easy to predict based on this number that over 50% of the campaign runners in ad networks eventually fail with their campaigns.

Also, if you are running the social media page of your company or brand, you have to make posts regularly – it is considered that if you do not post on some regular basis, you are history.

Not enough invested money

Every campaign differs. If you are on top of the wave of buzzing luck, you can make a huge hit with 50 dollars. However, this event is one in a billion. Others have to make hard work each day and spend tangible money to make the campaign run in advertising platform successfully. The money will be spent to show your advertising, to pay when people click on it, come to your site, buy from you, leave e-mails, and do a lot of other actions.

If you do not have money on direct marketing – then either you don’t want to be heard online or you can try advertising for no cost – posting and sharing on social media, including organic keywords into your site’s texts, do the ghostwriting and guest writing. But on Facebook online advertising network, organic posts are decreasing in a significant way – after Facebook updated its algorithms, the drop in reaching the audience by organic posts was over 50%. It means that it is possible to advertise for no money – but the effect of such is pushed down artificially by all means.

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