Different WordPress Features to help you Optimize Text Content on your Website

When you need to build a website, WordPress is one of the most convenient tools to use. It’s easy and will not take you long. What is more, there are lots of really cool features you probably have not heard of. Here is an overview of a few of them.

The option to paste URLs to create links in visual editor

The feature of editing an inline link has been introduced in the WordPress version 4.5. You don’t need any programming knowledge as the only thing you are supposed to do to paste a URL is to select the part of the text and to press CTRL+V. It will be converted into a link automatically.

The feature of editing images in WordPress

Even though the variety of editing options is not huge, it is still rather useful to be able to edit images before you post them on the website. You will find everything you need regarding photo editing in the media section of the menu.

The option to separate a single post into several pages

If you create a lot of content for your website (which is true for most websites), you obviously want to make your resource as user-friendly as possible. In other words, you want your target audience to actually finish reading your texts. WordPress provides you with a superb feature to split a lengthy post into several pages. Here’s how to do it: add the tag < ! – nextpage – > in your post. Thus, it will be split into two pages. Use it as often as you require.

Keyboard shortcuts for faster writing

In case you post a lot of content on the website, creating and writing it takes most of your time. To make it at least a bit easier, WordPress allows you to create keyboard shortcuts to help you type less. What is more, there is also the option of markdown to format these shortcuts.

Who needs to use these features the most? 

It is no secret webmasters get to deal with tons of text content on a daily basis. In case posting articles to a news website or education-related resources is your main task, you are clearly aware of the amount of time it takes to post it and to check whether everything is displayed on the website correctly. Imagine that you own an educational resource that provides students with manuals and samples on how to write an essay, a thesis statement, how to format a paper or the references page. If that is the case, the task of uploading a sample of essay on criminal justice is way too familiar to you. Another example is a teacher who has built a website on WordPress to upload useful materials for their college, university or academy students. There is no doubt such resource will really come in handy to a student dealing with the academic writing task of writing a criminal justice essay, for instance. However, a teacher probably runs this website in their free time which presupposes that uploading a sample of justice essay or an essay on criminal justice is not a part of their job description.

Surely, having tons of useful resources on hand helps a lot in the process of getting higher education. Studying gets much easier when you can simply visit a website and familiarize yourself with a sample of an essay on criminal justice or any other type of justice essay. Yet, what the webmaster or a teacher who has launched such website needs to know is that WordPress offers tons of cool features that one should definitely use to make the process of uploading content automatic and less time-consuming. This way, one will not have upload every single sample justice essay, as well as the example essay on criminal justice by themselves. They can use the features of WordPress templates to do that automatically.

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