SEO Content Strategy Tips To Boost Your Ranking In 2019

Regardless of the industry, company size, the services or the products you offer, or the audience you’re looking for, there’s one thing that’s sure and bright as daylight: your ultimate goal is that your content should show up on the first page of Google’s organic search results. There’s a big chance that you’re already spending specific amounts of money to an SEO content strategy which should get you there. Digital marketing companies in Dubai can be of significant help to achieve this goal if you already didn’t hire one.

Things To Know Before We Get Started

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The Things You Should Pay More Attention At

Previous two Google Algorithm updates explained to us what Google really wants professionals and SEO companies to focus more on, and that is quality content. Quality content still plays a crucial role in good SEO strategies. Good content is still an essential element for driving more traffic into websites. Since this is something we already know, we should then focus more on Google’s E-A-T (Expertise-Authority-Trust) requirements when it comes to content. Since many sites are experiencing traffic drop rates, you should make sure that your articles follow the right guidelines, and it would help significantly in keeping your ranking steady and growing further. That is why having a quality content strategy is of essential importance for improving your SERP rankings.

Better Understanding Of Voice Search

Since the voice search showed up, you’ve probably noticed that there are more long-tail keywords and exact-match keywords showing in the SERPs, while queries from the AI assistants are making a considerable part of it. All of this gives us a whole other dimension of how we perform search since AI assistants are able to recognize commands and questions rather than traditional keywords when making their search processes. All of this makes question-based inquiries more effective since the voice search users usually ask why, how, where, what, and when questions when they’re using their assistant. Creating articles that will provide the answers to these questions would be significantly beneficial for your traffic, and it would provide the quality content that Google is looking for.

Focus More On What Your Audience Needs

Having quality content is excellent since quality content is also considered as a purpose-driven content and the users would benefit from the newly acquired knowledge. The best way to understand the way your content should look like, hop-in your user’s shoes and analyze how they perform an online search when they’re looking for specific information. There are excellent tools that can help you understand how people search for your content by looking at relevant and related search terms along with the content that the users use regularly.

Creating Accessible And Readable Content Is Crucial

Probably the biggest challenge of them all when writing SEO articles which should provide both professionals and newcomers is finding the correct balance of making it accessible for the newcomers, while still providing professionals with some in-depth materials. One of the best ways to achieve the perfect balance is to give clear explanations while maintaining the consistent flow of your content. Quality content must be readable, properly-structured, clear, as well as informative.

Quality Links Play An Important Role

Link building is still playing an important role in driving high amounts of traffic to any website, and it’s still among the most effective SEO strategies. Links will help build authority and online presence, and they’ll do the same for the website being linked to. Adding quality links to your content may be considered the same as putting citing sources in a research article, which should provide additional information from sources with a good reputation.

Should You Look For Help?

If you’re unsure of how to boost your SEO content ranking in 2019, you should consider hiring professional help. Our digital marketing agency Dubai will provide you with entire digital marketing teams to help you achieve your goals. Feel free to schedule an appointment, and our team will listen carefully to all of your ideas before creating a solid marketing plan for your company.

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