Why Facebook ads are Better than Google Ads?

Facebook ads and Google ads are the two most prominent names in the advertising platforms. The two companies’ long-lasting competitiveness, often exaggerated by many technology media channels, making it difficult to decide for industries of all magnitude regarding which platform is correct for their needs. Both platforms have billions of users and massive data sets that help other company’s ads to reach their ideal customers.

So, the question remains, Facebook ads or Google ads, which is better for you? It can be very difficult to choose between the two platforms, as both have the capabilities to reach big size audience. According to digital marketing experts, it all depends on your business and your business goals.

How do they work?

However, Facebook ads and Google ads are both pay-per-click advertising platforms, but they work a bit differently. Facebook ads are paid social ads, which display in user social feeds and are targeted using behavioural and demographic information. Whereas, Google ads are paid search ads that focus on specific keywords and appear in the top result of the Google search. And in today’s time, both these techniques are widely used after analyzing competitors’ strategies by using tools like adplexity. You can click here for adplexity coupon and analyze your competitors to create effective strategies.

Why are Facebook ads better than Google ads?

  1. New brands

Facebook ads are best for new business type as it increases awareness of their brands among the audience more quickly. It effectively targets the maximum number of audience through text, images, videos, etc.

  1. Pricing

Facebook ads are generally a low cost, pay-per-click platform, with an average CPU of $1.72. It is almost a dollar less than Google ads. It allows comprehensive audience targeting, which is an excellent option for advertisers who wants to build brand awareness with a limited budget.

  1. User-friendly

Facebook ads Manager has an instinctive and user-friendly interface that makes easy for the user to use. It also provides many overwhelming features like ad placement, advanced audience targeting, ad types, etc. making it eventually better than Google ad Manager.

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  1. Audience targeting

Facebook uses different types of parameters to target their audience. Facebook targeting option includes interest, location, demographic information, browsing information, life events and many more. These parameters allow the advertiser to pinpoint the exact people they want to show their ads to increase their chances of engaging their ideal customer.

  1. Conversion rate

The average conversion rate of Facebook ads is higher (9.21%) than Google ads conversion rate. The conversion rate means how frequently your ads achieve the action you want users to take.


Facebook ads are way better than Google ads for new or low budget business. It has many advantages for new business and offers an opportunity to increase brand awareness and grow sales.

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