Which is the Best Cloud Server?

Cloud server hosting is currently a big thing in the world of web server hosting. This trend is currently attracting e-commerce websites, corporate organizations, online application websites, etc. Here’s what you need to know about cloud servers and hosting service providers.

All About Cloud Servers 

Cloud servers are logical servers that are built, hosted and delivered via cloud computing platforms via the Internet. Cloud servers also function like physical servers but function differently and are accessed remotely from a cloud service provider. The Cloud servers can also be called virtual servers or virtual private servers.

What Are The Benefits Of A Cloud Server

  1. Run OS and server-  With included and sophisticated technology in the cloud, users have the freedom to access accounts, anytime, anywhere, and run any server, operating system or software.
  2. Providing virtual machines quickly- This can provide the freedom to create special software, where administrators can create guests with different operating systems.
  3. Scale requests in minutes- Cloud servers have the benefit of scalability, meaning that servers tend to increase or decrease size depending on workload.
  4. Cost-effective-Cost-effective procedures will save a lot of money on long-term use because this saves you from time-consuming software installations, you won’t spend money on maintenance anymore.
  5. Automatic cloud backup-  The cloud server platform provides high-level encryption, and regular backups, providing higher data security.

 Tips for Finding the Right Cloud Server 

  1. Availability & Durability –Cloud Server provider must support the availability of resources when you are ready for expansion. Their plan must be flexible according to the user.
  2. Data Center- You should ask about the location of your host’s data center and the steps taken to protect it.
  3. Cloud Security –The security of your data is very important. Reliable cloud service providers must be able to manage security like host, network and physical settings.
  4. Downtime –All cloud hosting provider, even the largest, can experience downtime. Ask to get insight into the process and time needed to get the server back to work.
  5. Plans And Prices –Market surveys on services and plans offered by various vendors. You must know the available options before making a decision.
  6. Appropriate Customer Support-Communication between clients and service providers must be effective and open. Furthermore, you must have support available 24/7.

Why You Must Have a Cloud Server in India?

Cloud hosting services have become more popular than ever before, with online business trends increasing. Cloud hosting in India is a far more profitable solution which draws their computing resources from network-intensive servers to physical networks. Hosting your site near targeted users will reduce latency and deliver content faster. You will get a variety of cloud services to meet almost all types of modern application technology needs. You can provide VMs, data hosts in object storage, databases, cloud functions, containers, etc.

The best cloud server provider in India 

Today, there are many cloud service providers with various strengths. During the selection of cloud servers, you must consider several factors such as stability, cost-effectiveness, and supporting services. It is a famous debate among the site owners to pick whether HostGator or eWebGuru Hosting services.

Here are the comparisons of cloud server providers HostGator & eWebGuru.

HostGator is a safe and trusted international web hosting company that can provide satisfying services for clients. HostGator includes the lowest possible latency, super fast site access, customer support in various languages.

Whereas eWebGuru is one of the trusted and growing web hosting companies in India, eWebGuru will give you all the facilities you need. It provides various types of hosting services including Windows hosting, Linux hosting, Windows VPS, Linux VPS, and Java hosting. This is fully-managed hosting service with exceptional responsive support including live chat options.

Payment options are – Internet banking, draft Credit / Debit or Check Cards, PayPal Paymate, and you can also pay via a bank deposit directly in their A / C number.

Why choose eWebGuru Cloud Server? 

Because eWebGuru is one of the leading hosting sites in India in terms of VPS hosting and one of the specialties for smooth websites.

Key Features

  • On eWebGuru all packages will be managed 24 x 7 whenever you want.
  • All hosting packages for this site include installing free server-side applications.
  • In eWebGuru, you get unlimited databases as you wish along with unlimited sub-domains.
  • In the case that eWebguru’s speed provides ram that can explode, it means additional ram that can be added to the temporary VPS if there is a lack of ram.
  • Moreover, eWebguru can be called one of the fastest web hosting servers with a large percentage of uptime.


Of course almost all hosting providers today provide their customers with web hosting packages with multiple layers of network security, firewalls and antivirus running. You can trust and use eWebGuru, for network redundancy, electricity redundancy, better cloud security, better customer support, and the price is also affordable.

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