Benefits of Using AI to Solve the Mental Health Crisis

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques have been in high use to predict mental health problems as well as to find a solution to this global menace. After the heart problems, it is the mental health problems which come at second place on the list of major healthcare issues. However, due to the shortage of psychiatrists, it is not possible for everyone to seek help for his mental issues. But with the use of Artificial Intelligence, it simply becomes possible to study the mental expressions in order to detect the mental health problems in a person’s life. In this post, we have mentioned the benefits fo using AI to easily solve the mental health crisis in humans.

An AI-based technological invention namely, JJAIBOT is being used to deal with depression and other mental issues in life. JJAIBOT can detect depression signs in pictures on social networks and it can be trained on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) methods in order to learn emotional profiles and recommend activities such as meditation and breathing techniques to help maintain a more balanced mood. Below-listed benefits of AI are effective in solving mental health problems effectively.

Easy to Access

Artificial Intelligence can be accessed anywhere and anytime to get a solution for mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Since there are not sufficient mental health professionals available in the world, it becomes very challenging for a patient to get an appointment in time. People have to wait for months to see a psychiatrist for finding a solution to their mental issues. But with the help of AI, it is possible to access its tools 24/7 without waiting for an appointment.

Support Mental Health Professionals

AI can help mental health professionals to do their job in an effective manner. With the help of algorithms, it is possible for AI tools to analyze data at a much faster rate than humans and suggest possible treatments. AI helps to monitor a patient’s progress and alert human professionals to any concerns.

Inexpensive and Comfortable Treatment

Mental health care is quite expensive and it costs a huge amount to get proper mental treatment. But AI can simply reduce this cost by offering an inexpensive treatment to patients dealing with mental issues. Other than this, a patient feels comfortable talking to a bot about his mental issues in comparison to a human mental professional.

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